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Excerpted from the Denmark Career Guide

Small- and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs, play an important role in the Danish economy. The vast majority of Danish business enterprises, 99.7 percent, are classed as SMEs. Furthermore, micro-enterprises represent 87.2 percent of Danish SMEs. SMEs employ 66.2 percent of the Danish workforce.

Although the Danish SME segment weathered the financial crisis comparatively well, it still lost about 5.5 percent of its workforce over a period of two years, mainly in construction, tourism and trade. The European Commission (EC) forecasts a slow recovery for Danish SMEs.

Areas of Job Promise

A new free trade arrangement between Japan and the EU will result in 5,000 new jobs in Denmark, according to the government. The arrangement is expected to loosen restrictions on the energy, food commodities and medical products trade.


The average monthly salary for private-sector workers is 39,389 DKK, while it is 32,330 DKK for public sector workers.Industry and the financial and insurance sectors provide the highest wages in Denmark.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Business Denmark
Business Denmark is a professional member organization focused on sales and marketing. It offers its members legal advice, coaching, self-development, cash benefits and an unemployment insurance fund.

Business Denmark
Nørre Farimagsgade 49
DK-1364 København K

Tel: +45 33740200
Fax: +45 33740690


Berlingske Tidendes Nyhedsmagasin
Berlingske Tidendes Nyhedsmagasin, formerly Børsens Nyhedsmagasin, is the leading weekly Danish-language business magazine offering in-depth coverage of topical business events. A fee is required for an annual subscription.

Berlingske Tidendes Nyhedsmagasin
Pilestræde 34
Postboks 2128
DK-1147 København K

Tel: +45 33757400

Email: redaktionen@berlingske.dk

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete Denmark Guide.

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