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Excerpted from the Russia Career Guide

Employment Outlook

More than half of the companies operating in Russia intend to hire professionals in sales and marketing. Logistics and procurement managers are also in demand, according to recruiter Antal. Some of the strongest demand is for middle managers.

MBAs: More Western-style MBA programs are becoming available in Russia, and an MBA is relatively standard now for middle and senior managers. Managers’ salaries are about the same as in Western Europe or the US. In addition, an MBA is not particularly valued in smaller businesses in Russia.

Demand for foreign executives

The demand for foreign executives continues. Foreign directors with knowledge of international standards are needed by Russian businesses seeking to enter foreign markets.  One recent survey by PwC found that 20 percent of large businesses in Russia need foreign managers.

Areas of Job Promise

 E-commerce: E-commerce is booming in Russia.  In fact, Russia has the largest online population in Europe.  Professionals with experience in e-commerce roles are in high demand.  CEOs need to understand online shoppers' behavior, how it is influenced by online channels, how to optimize online user experiences and strengthen relationships with them.

Middle and senior expat managers: The demand for expat managers continues. Although businesses in Russia are seeking to replace Western managers with Russians, it is difficult to find qualified candidates. Moreover, Russian executives often demand higher salaries than foreigners. The highest demand for these managers is likely to be in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and banking.

Human Resources

Demand for HR professionals is being driven by recent development of the HR function by Russian businesses. These companies are interested in types of bonus schemes for top management, as well as staff education and development. Russian companies are willing to lure HR directors from Western companies. Salaries for HR directors in the banking, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries are above average.

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