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Information Technology
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Excerpted from the Russia Career Guide

Information Technology

Outside the developed world, a digital divide still exists, according to the most recent Global Information Technology Report. Ranking 54th, Russia is one of the best performers among the Commonwealth of Independent States (former members of the Soviet Union). Its improved rank is due to higher rates of IT adoption, growing numbers of Internet users and a spectacular increase in mobile broadband subscriptions. Almost half the population now benefits from broadband. Despite this progress, the country continues to suffer from low rates of e-business, a weak political and regulatory framework, and a poor business and innovation environment.

Cloud Services

Although much of the IT market has slowed due to the slump in the global economy, Russia’s cloud services segment could more than quadruple by 2016, growing from 4.5 billion RUB (150 million USD) last year to an estimated 19 billion RUB (630 million USD) in SaaS (software as a service) and 20 billion RUB (670 million USD) in IaaS (infrastructure as a service). These segments are expected to grow 50 percent and 40 percent per year, respectively.

Employment Outlook

Expatriates Needed

Less than 1 percent of the Russian workforce is employed in the country’s IT sector, compared with more than 4 percent in the US and 3 percent in Europe. With such a shortage of qualified technology talent, professionals must be attracted from abroad. According to some estimates, Russian IT needs to attract 50,000 to 100,000 skilled young foreign engineers.  Note, however, that with the current economic situation in Europe, a number of foreign IT specialists are looking for jobs in other countries, including Russia.

Areas of Job Promise

Sales managers: Professional sales managers are a rarity in Russia’s IT industry. Qualified candidates are in great demand, and can receive multiple offers. Candidates changing jobs can receive salary increases of as much as 20 to 30 percent.

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