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Excerpted from the Mexico Career Guide

Cover Letter Guidelines and Samples

Until recently, cover letters were not expected in Mexico, but their use has become a more common practice. When preparing a cover letter, you should remember that it serves as an introduction to your CV, and as such, is an excellent opportunity to create a positive first impression. Your cover letter should be considered a preliminary presentation showing your interest in the job, and should offer a brief description of your capabilities.

Resume/CV Guidelines and Samples

Open your CV with a strong header, using a larger font for your name. Often in Spanish-language CVs, you would accompany your name with an abbreviation that indicates the degree or title you hold. If you are an accountant, for example, you might include ‘CP’ before your name; an engineer would use ‘Ing.,’ and an architect, ‘Arq.’

You'll find more advice and cover letter and resume samples in the complete Mexico Guide.

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