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Excerpted from the Nicaragua Career Guide

Business Organizations

Red Nicaragüense de Comercio Comunitario (RENICC)
Nicaraguan Network of Community Trade
http://www.redcontralatrata.org/?rubrique46&entidad=Miembros&id=15322 (Spanish)
RENICC is a division of RELAAC (Red Latinoamericana de Comercio Comunitario), a social movement supported by governmental organizations that promotes production and marketing in rural areas to increase income and improve quality of life. This objective is promoted through the creation of a rural market, warehouses and trade among communities.

Del Restaurant El Modroño
1 y 1/2 cuadra hacia arriba
mano izquierda, pista Sabana Grande
Managua, Nicaragua
Email: renicc@turbonett.com

Professional Associations

Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Nicaragua
Nicaraguan Public Accountants Association
http://www.ccpn.org.ni/ (Spanish)
Since 1959, this organization has sought to promote the interests of the country’s public accountants. It has various committees, including one in charge of continuing education.

Tel: +505-2249-9995
Fax: +505-2244-1263
Email: ccpn@ccpn.org.ni

Industry Organizations and Councils

Asociación Nicaragüense de Arroceros (ANAR)
Nicaraguan Rice Farmers Association
http://www.anar.com.ni/ (Spanish)
ANAR is a non-profit organization founded in 1985. It has two main objectives: to increase technical-scientific levels of crop management for competitive participation on international markets, and to develop and transfer technological methods for higher productivity.

Tel: +505-2222-5513
Fax: +505-2222-3471
Email: anar@anar.com.ni

Unions and Labor Organizations

Unión Nacional de Agricultores y Ganaderos (UNAG)
National Union of Farmers and Ranchers
http://www.unag.org.ni/ (Spanish)
UNAG is a social and political union for economic development of the rural sector. It includes both small and large farmers and ranchers, and currently has tens of thousands of members and affiliates, as well as hundreds of cooperatives, companies and associations. Its main objective is to economically develop the country’s rural areas. It began operations in 1981 with a focus on the agricultural sector, and later evolved to include agro-business in order to develop crops.

Tel: +505-2250-2055
Email: comunicacion@unag.org.ni

Chambers of Commerce

Cámara de Comercio y Servicios de Nicaragua (CCSN)
Nicaragua Chamber of Commerce
http://www.ccsn.org.ni/ (Spanish)
CCSN comprises more than 900 partners from a wide variety of trade and service sectors in Nicaragua, nearly three-fourths of them small- and mid-sized companies. Its mission is to bring together, represent and defend Nicaragua’s formal trading interests through initiatives that foster a good business climate, as well as to improve member productivity and competitiveness as a means to promote progress.

Rotonda Güegüense
400 m al sur y 20 varas al este
Managua, Nicaragua
Tel: +505-2268-3505
Fax: +505-2268-3600
Email: comunicacion@ccsn.org.ni

Social Networking Groups

Movimiento Autónomo de Mujeres (MAM)
The Autonomous Women’s Movement
http://www.movimientoautonomodemujeres.org/ (Spanish)
MAM is a social and political group that seeks equality and freedom for women in society in order to build a democratic political system. It promotes equality to make Nicaragua a better society, while combating authoritarianism in freedom of expression in order to help the country’s economic development. The movement is based on the leadership of women in Nicaraguan society, considering women represent half of the country’s population. MAM also organizes conferences and a social program to improve women’s skills and quality of life.

Movimiento Autónomo de Mujeres
Residencial Los Robles
Casa No. 148
Gasolinera Plaza El Sol
3 cuadras al Sur, 2 cuadras al Este (Arriba)
1 cuadra al Sur 1/2 al Este (Arriba)
Managua, Nicaragua
Tel: +505-2278-7001
Email: ma_mujeresnic@yahoo.es

Major Trade Publications

El Economista Regional
The Regional Economist
http://www.eleconomista.net/ (Spanish)
This monthly magazine and website supplies relevant and current information regarding economic developments in Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It includes financial and economic indicators for individual countries as well as for the entire world.

Tel: +503 2241-2677
Email: ahernandez@eleconomista.net

Telephone Directories, and Other Resources

Páginas Amarillas Nicaragua
Nicaragua Yellow Pages
http://www.paginasamarillas.com/Nicaragua/1.aspx# (English and Spanish)
The Yellow Pages telephone directory provides 46 specialized sub-directories (categories) in alphabetical order covering everything from schools to vehicles, and tourism to agriculture. Access to information is free of charge. This site also provides information on climate, the exchange rate and other topics.

This is just a sample of what you'll find in the complete Nicaragua guide.

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