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Excerpted from the Guatemala Career Guide

General Trends

Guatemala’s labor market has undergone significant change over the last few years, as shown by job requirements for industrial and management positions. Thirty years ago, jobs could be secured through elementary or high school diplomas. Fifteen years ago, a middle-level diploma was required. Today’s requirements from middle and large companies include a college degree (master’s level), fluent English and work experience.

Economics and Employment

Guatemala is one of the few Latin American countries with a low official unemployment rate. By 2008 it was only 3.2 percent for a 3,900,000 strong labor force. However, it shows a high degree of underemployment.

Professions with Top Demand

A careful review of Search-Tecoloco.com and Latin Top Jobs websites shows marketers, information technology specialists, and financial accounting professionals (in that order) as the positions in top demand. Others jobs in high demand include telecommunications specialists, engineers and human resource workers.


A recent MBA graduate in Guatemala can earn 34,200 USD per year, but differences exist between organizations, even of thousands of dollars, for a similar position. Generally speaking, there is a wide salary range, going from 2,898 USD per year for a farmer to 150,000 USD or more per year for top management positions at multinational companies. These salaries do not include side benefits such as insurance, cars or cellular phones, which are separate perks.

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