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Excerpted from the Guatemala Career Guide

Business Organizations

Asociación Bancaria de Guatemala (ABG)
Banking Association of Guatemala
http://www.abg.org.gt/ (Spanish)
The Banking Association of Guatemala (ABG), founded in 1961, includes all banks and private finance companies in Guatemala. ABG represents and defends the interests of its members, promotes the improvement and expansion of banking services, promotes the modernization of banking practices and financial instruments, and fosters relations between its members and similar associations, especially those of other Central American countries.

Asociación Bancaria de Guatemala (ABG)
Diagonal 6, 10-01 Zona 10
Centro Gerencial Las Margaritas
Torre II, 5º. Nivel, Oficina 502 “A”
Guatemala 01010
Tel: +502-2382-7200
Fax: +502-2382-7201

Professional Associations

Colegio de Ingenieros de Guatemala
Engineers Association of Guatemala
http://colegiodeingenierosguatemala.org/ (Spanish)
This group’s mission is to promote the unity, protection and social well-being of its members, while also promoting responsible engineering throughout the country. The association offers different benefits through its divisions and board of directors.

Colegio de Ingenieros de Guatemala
7ma Avenida 39-60 Zona 8
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Tel: +502-2383-5500

Industry Organizations and Councils

Asociación Guatemalteca de Exportadores (AGExportadores)
Guatemalan Exporters Association
http://www.export.com.gt/ (English and Spanish)
The Guatemalan Exporters Association is a private, non-profit entity established in 1982 that represents, promotes and develops non-traditional exports of Guatemalan companies. It provides high-level assistance to the exporters, and serves the business community at large in international trade activities and investments, whether in Guatemala or abroad.

Asociación Guatemalteca de Exportadores (AGExportadores)
15 Avenida 14-72 Zona 13
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Tel: +502-2422-3400
Fax: +502-2422-3434

Unions and Labor Organizations

Confederación Central de Trabajadores de Guatemala
Guatemalan Central Confederation of Workers
The Guatemalan Central Confederation of Workers promotes the rights of the nation’s workers and the popular class in general. Its online magazine, Informe-C, offers free information about all events organized by the confederation.

Confederación Central de Trabajadores de Guatemala
3Av. 12-22 zona 1, Guatemala.
Tel: +502-2232-1010 or +502-2232-9234
Fax: +502-2251-3212
Email: info@confederacioncgtg.org

Networking Groups

Club Rotario Guatemala Norte
Rotary Club of North Guatemala
http://www.rotaryguatemala.org/ (English and Spanish)
This club was founded in 1987 and has implemented a number of social projects in Guatemala. Examples include constructing and equipping health care clinics, and donating books to low-income schools in several locations in Guatemala.

Club Rotario Guatemala Norte
Club Alemán  Colonia Tecun Uman
VH I, Z15, 01015
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Chambers of Commerce

Cámara de Comercio de Guatemala
Guatemala Chamber of Commerce
http://www.negociosenguatemala.com/ (Spanish)
This chamber promotes, defends and represents trade organizations in Guatemala. It designs and implements programs to foster productivity among its members and their clients, and provides advice, training, arbitrage and other services. It also offers a labor exchange on its website.

Cámara de Comercio de Guatemala
10a Calle 3-80, Zona 1
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Tel: +502-2417-2700
Email: info@camaradecomercio.org.gt

Major Trade Publications

Economy America
http://www.americaeconomia.com/ (Spanish and Portuguese)
AméricaEconomía, founded in 1986, is the leading business journal in Latin America and is regarded as the favorite multimedia news source of top Latin American executives. Its publishing offices are located in Santiago, Lima, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Sao Paulo and Miami. It provides coverage of trade developments from a Latin American perspective. Every issue includes at least one article about Guatemala. In addition, it conducts a number of annual region-wide rankings for cities, companies, business schools and MBA programs. It is available in Spanish and Portuguese.


Telephone Directories

Directorio Comercial de Guatemala
Commercial Directory of Guatemala
http://www.miguateguia.com/ (Spanish)
This directory is designed to facilitate the promotion of business in Guatemala. Searches can be performed by industry, company name and location. More than 4,000 companies are included.

Directorio Comercial de Guatemala
Email: info@miguateguia.com

This is just a sample of what you'll find in the complete Guatemala guide.

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