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Excerpted from the China Career Guide

Shanghai and Beijing have become global financial centers. Shanghai is the world’s sixth most influential financial center. The city has demonstrated a commitment to the sustained growth of its financial services industries, according to Jiao Ran, director of the economic information department at Xinhua. Beijing has risen to 11th position, and the southern city Shenzhen now ranks 19th, placing in the top 20 for the first time, according to the Xinhua-Dow Jones International Financial Centers Development Index.

Areas of Job Promise

Financial services

Retention of top performers is the major focus of foreign financial institutions while Europe’s debt crisis continues. Nonetheless employment is expected to continue to grow in China’s financial services industry, as MNCs continue to expand there. The greatest need in financial services is for candidates with good communications and networking skills and experience in MNCs. Financial services employers are also seeking professionals with a combination of overseas and local experience.


In an effort to retain as well as attract top performers, employers in China’s finance industry will not only increase salaries, but they are also likely to add signing bonuses and other incentives.

Organizations and Trade Associations

China Banking Association (CBA)
http://www.china-cba.net/ (Chinese)
CBA is a national banking organization formed by domestic and foreign banking institutions in China. It is a non-profit organization approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. One of CBA’s major roles is to develop training programs and the certification of such programs to improve the overall professional competence and standards of employees in China’s banking industry.

China Banking Association
11th – 12th Floors, China Reinsurance Building
20 Jingrong Street
Xicheng District, Beijing 100033
Tel: 86 10-66553358
Fax: 86 10-66553356
Email: cba.china@china-cba.net


Finance Forum
http://www.xzbu.com/ (Chinese)
This magazine is supervised by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. It covers topics such as theoretical research and its applications for commercial banks, development and reform strategies, macro-economic analyses, financial markets, and administrative and globalization issues.

Finance Forum
ISSN: 1009-9190
Editorial Committee: City Finance Research Institute/China City Finance Association
15 Cuiwei Road, Haidian District
Beijing 100036
Tel: 86 10-66109108
Email: jrlt@chinajournal.net.cn

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