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Excerpted from the China Career Guide

China’s IT sector is seeing incredible growth. Driven by modernization in the education, health care and manufacturing sectors, IT spending is likely to grow 11 percent this year. The government's Twelfth Five-Year Plan calls for significant modernization in China’s computing infrastructure. And growth in China’s western regions translates to increased sales of IT products and services. The fastest-paced growth is in the tablet market, where sales – dominated by Apple – more than doubled last year.

China’s e-commerce market is growing at a frenetic pace. Roughly 400 million members of China’s vast Internet population are mobile users; 200 million of them are already Web shoppers. This appreciable growth is expected to continue at double-digit rates. These young buyers shop primarily for clothing and accessories. China will very soon replace the US as the world’s largest online retail market. Online payment systems, including those for mobile applications, will also expand rapidly.

Areas of Job Promise

  • E-commerce is experiencing perhaps the strongest demand for qualified IT professionals,
    with openings for e-commerce managers and directors, digital marketers, social media community managers, account managers, search engine engineers and user experience designers.


Most companies offer competitive salaries and benefits for IT professionals. Raises are likely to average 10 to 15 percent this year across the industry. Higher increases will be reserved for professionals with specialist skills in fast-growing sectors such as pharmaceutical, health care, utilities, R&D, technical manufacturing and automotive. The highest raises will likely go to software developers, user experience designers, IT security specialists, project managers and business analysts. But the shortage of qualified professionals with skills in business intelligence, data mining, virtualization and cloud computing will drive up candidates’ salaries.

Certification and Education Requirements

The information technology (IT) industry covers a broad range of occupations, such as computer software development, database design and applications, and computer networking and security. In fact, most jobs that involve working with computers and networks to store, transmit and process information can be regarded as IT jobs. In general, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering and/or applications is required for an IT job in China. For higher-level positions, a master’s degree is often required; and many times, professional certifications are helpful for those positions.

Organizations and Trade Associations

China Computer Federation (CCF)
Founded in 1962, the China Computer Federation (CCF) is a level-one national academic society that promotes research in computer-related areas. With strong connections to the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Computer Society and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), CCF also provides academic and career development services for researchers and professionals in the Chinese computer industry, and publishes high-quality academic journals in computer-related areas.

China Computer Federation (CCF)
PO Box 2704
Beijing 100190
Tel: +86-10-6256-2503
Fax: +86-10-6252-7485
Email: ccf@ccf.org.cn

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete China Guide.

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