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Excerpted from the China Career Guide

There are many business organizations and trade councils in China, and these may serve as meaningful resources for anyone who is looking for a job. There also are organizations based outside China that may be good resources as well, and many countries host organizations geared toward helping those who wish to do business in China. These, too, are worth a look.

Business Organizations

CEO Clubs China
http://www.ceoclubs.org/section/chapters/china.php (English)
In addition to China, CEO Clubs has branches in the US, India, South African and Greece. Its membership is restricted to leaders of companies that have at least 2 million USD in annual sales. Members can enjoy an international environment that fosters the exchange of ideas on global management, with the goal of improving the quality and profitability of their businesses and cultivating personal growth.

CEO Clubs China/Global CEO Clubs
Room 502, West Building, 5 Xinyuan South Street
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027
People’s Republic of China
Tel: +86 133-01176311
Email: jpliceo@gmail.com

Professional Associations

Information Technology

China Software Industry Association (CSIA)
http://www.csia.org.cn (Chinese)
The China Software Industry Association (CSIA) was founded in 1984 by enterprises and individuals engaged in software and information systems research and development, publication, sales and training. Association membership also includes information service providers and consultants, as well as those offering other related software industry services, such as marketers, financiers and investors. The website provides news and information on exhibitions and conferences in the field.

Tel: +86 10-51527160
Fax: +86 10-62186579


Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES)
http://www.cmes.org (Chinese, English)
The Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, founded in 1936, is a non-profit organization of mechanical engineers. CMES has more than 180,000 members, both individual and corporate. It offers opportunities for international cooperation, and publishes academic journals.

Tel: +86 10-68799037
Fax: +86 10-68799050
Email: headquarters@cmes.org

Accounting and Finance

The Chinese Finance Association (TCFA)
http://www.tcfaglobal.org (English, Chinese)
US-based TCFA is a volunteer association that serves as a central venue for Chinese professionals and students to exchange ideas, gain knowledge and advance their careers. Since its founding in 1994, TCFA has worked to be a bridge between the United States and China in the field of finance by organizing international conferences and hosting many delegates from China. Former TCFA directors and current members serve as government officials and private sector professionals in China.

Email: webadmin@tcfaglobal.org

Business Management and Marketing

China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA)
China Public Relations (Chinapr)
http://www.chinapr.com.cn/ (Chinese, some English)
http://www.cipra.org.cn/ (Chinese, some English)
CIPRA and Chinapr are related websites that share focus and contact information. CIPRA’s website was launched in 1998 and is an official web portal for the Chinese public relations industry. The website offers press releases, professional promotion, career training, academic exchanges, career guidelines and resource integration. It attracts top public relations talent nationwide and gathers valuable information. It offers information, resources, commercial and interactive centers, and promotes three annual public relations events: the PR Training Program, the PR Manager’s Club and the PR University Tour. CIPRA has been granted a ‘3A’ rating from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The rating system is based on several criteria that determine the effectiveness of the organization. The highest is 4A, but those rated 3A and above are eligible for certain considerations from the government.

Tel: +86 10-68945007, +86 10-68948107 or +86 10-68948157
Fax: +86 10-68946887
Email: info@cipra.org.cn

Industry Organizations and Councils

Beijing Chinese Business Association
http://www.bcba.cn (Chinese)
This association was launched in Beijing in 2000. It is involved in tourism, high tech, biotech, education, information technology, telecommunications and manufacturing, and offers opportunities for international cooperation. One of its main missions is to help connect local businesses in Beijing with Chinese businesses overseas.

Tel: +86 10-58691842 or +86 10-58691843
Fax: +86 10-58691841
Email: ztao0419@163.com

Unions and Labor OrganizatAll-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU)ions

All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU)
http://en.acftu.org/ (Chinese, English)
The All-China Federation of Trade Unions was founded in 1925 and is the only official union recognized by the Chinese government. The head office of the ACFTU is in Beijing. There are 31 provincial trade union federations, ten national industrial unions and more than 1.3 million grassroots trade union organizations affiliated with the ACFTU. This website provides general information on the labor market and also offers historical and political context.

Tel: +86 10-68591553 or +86 10-68591554
Fax: +86 10-68562031 or +86 10-68562039
Email: guojibu@acftu.org.cn

Chambers of Commerce

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)
China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC)
http://www.ccpit.org (Chinese)
http://www.bizchinanow.com/ (English)
CCPIT, founded in 1952, promotes foreign trade abroad and foreign investment in China, publishes trade magazines and provides legal services. It collaborates closely with the China Chamber of International Commerce to foster business development and trade in the international market. Publications include China Business Guide, China’s Foreign Trade News, China’s Foreign Trade, Directory of China’s Foreign Trade and World Products and Technology. This website includes useful information on living in China, as well as some background on business and trade.

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
1 Fuxingmenwai Street
Beijing 100860
People’s Republic of China
Tel: +86 10- 82217098, + 86-10-82217089~93
Fax: +86 10- 82217099
Email: flwebadmin@ccpit.org

Networking Groups

http://chinatoastmasters.org (Chinese, English, Japanese, German)
China Toastmasters includes hundreds of clubs in China, Hong Kong and Macau. Members work together to improve their communication and leadership skills. The website includes a link to find local club meetings.

China Toastmasters
Email: District85_PRO@chinatoastmasters.org

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete China Guide.

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