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The following list represents companies reporting the largest assets/revenues in the country. More than 400,000 additional corporate profiles can be found in Going Global's Employer Directory.

Pfizer S.A. (Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Manufacture of pharmaceuticals

Number of employees:150
Sales: $97,000,000.00

La Aurora de Heredia, Zona Franca Ultrapark

Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2209 3100

Ernst and Young S.A. (Offices of Certified Public Accountants)
Services: Member of Ernst and Young Centroamerica, company sharing services and advisers in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic. Accountancy and management consultancy services

Number of employees:200
Sales: $951,600,000.00

Edificio Meridiano, Piso 2, Guachipelin, Escazu

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2208 9999

Instituto Costarricense de Puertos del Pacifico (Regulation and Administration of Transportation Programs)
Communications: Port administration and development organisation promoting the development of the Pacific ports and coast

Number of employees:60
Sales: $9,500,000.00

Puerto Caldera

Punta Arena
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2634 4166

Mutual Alajuela - La Vivienda de Ahorro y Prestamo (Savings Institutions)
Finance: Savings and loans institution, specializing in micro credits

Number of employees:825
Total Assets: $838,700,000.00

Barrio El Retiro, Alajuela

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)

Vidriera Centroamericana S.A. (Glass Container Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Manufacturing glass containers and plastic lids for commercial packing and bottling.

Number of employees:741
Sales: $82,000,000.00

500 mts noreste del Taller 3M, San Nicolas

Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2550 3210

Banco Promerica de Costa Rica S.A. (Commercial Banking)
Finance: Bank

Number of employees:644
Total Assets: $579,300,000.00

El Cedral, Entro Corporativo Trejos Montealegre, Escazú

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2505 7087

Fertilizantes de Centroamerica S.A. (Pesticide and Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing)
Holding company with interest in synthesized fertilizers, industrial and plant protection products.

Number of employees:360
Sales: $571,000,000.00

Pavas Zonal Industrial 50, 50 este de las oficinas de Pizza Hut, Ofic entro Mediterraneo

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2224-9147

Terramix S.A. (All Other Rubber Product Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Manufacture of rubber and rubber products

Number of employees:1000
Sales: $551,500,000.00

1000, Pozos de Santa Ana, De Empaques Santa Ana 150 Este y 50 Sur, Ap do 84140

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2282 2514

Incesa Standard Costa Rica S.A. (Pottery, Ceramics, and Plumbing Fixture Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Manufacture of ceramic plumbing fixtures

Number of employees:1600
Sales: $536,700,000.00

Autopista General Canas, 1 km oeste de las Oficinas de Migracion y Ex tranjeria

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2519 5578

Compania Nacional de Fuerza y Luz S.A. (Electric Power Distribution)
Utilities: Electricity company

Number of employees:2198
Sales: $510,200,000.00

En Avenida 5, Calle 1 y O Central

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2221 7485

Grupo Financiero Improsa S.A. (Other Financial Vehicles)
Finance: Financial intermediation, investment funds management, leasing and financial advise.

Number of employees:495
Total Assets: $495,484,898.00

Barrio Tournon

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2284 4009

Banco Lafise S.A. (Commercial Banking)
Finance: Multi-service bank

Number of employees:258
Total Assets: $416,600,000.00

San Pedro de Montes de Oca, 50mt este de la Fuente de Hispanidad, Edi ficio LAFISE

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2280 5050

Durman Esquivel S.A. (Plastics Material and Resin Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Manufacture of PVC and CPVC piping and accessories and irrigation systems; agroindustrial production and reforestation; interior design and production of office stations and systems; finance and tourism

Number of employees:600
Sales: $366,100,000.00

Calle Blancos de Goigochea, 1 Km al Este del Cruce Cinco Esquinas Tib as

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2436 4800

Grupo Cafe Britt S.A. (Coffee and Tea Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Roasting, selling and marketing coffee. Manufacture of chocolate products, confectionery, nut snacks. HQ in Costa Rica, registered office in Netherlands Antilles

Number of employees:500
Sales: $316,100,000.00

900 Norte, 400 Oeste, Comandancia Heredia

Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2277 1699

Corporacion ILG Internacional S.A. (Freight Transportation Arrangement)
Transportation includes air, water, ocean and truck shipments, brokerage and logistics, warehousing and more.

Number of employees:530
Sales: $28,200,000.00

From Paso Anchos roundabout, 200 mts. N, San Sebastian

San Jose
Costa Rica

Banco CMB S.A. (Commercial Banking)
Finance: Provision of consumer and commercial banking services

Number of employees:72
Total Assets: $256,500,000.00

Plz. Roble, Edificio El Patio, Piso 4, Guachipelin de Escazu

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2201 8311

Ingenio Taboga S.A. (Sugarcane Farming)
Agriculture: The production of sugar, alcohol, rice and electricity

Sales: $25,000,000.00

3000, Entrada a la Ciudad de Canas sobre la carretera Interamericana 18 km oeste, Canton de Canas, Apartado 295 Heredia

Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2669 2486

Cemex Costa Rica S.A. (Cement Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Manufacture of cement

Number of employees:220
Sales: $227,000,000.00

Cemex Costa Rica S.A.
Apartado Postal 6558
San Jose

Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2201 8202

Merck Sharp and Dohme (I. A.) Corp. (Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Manufacture of pharmaceuticals; HQ of Merck Sharpe and Dohme operations in Cetral America

Number of employees:335
Sales: $216,800,000.00

Zona Industrial, Pavas Rohrmoser

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2256 9840

Deloitte (Offices of Certified Public Accountants)
Services: Auditing, management, tax consultancy and legal services, member firm of Deloitte LATCO

Number of employees:450
Sales: $2,141,300,000.00

Centro Corporativo El Cafetal La Ribera de Belén, Heredia

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2246 5100

Holcim S.A. (Cement Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Concrete and cement. Distributor: Concrete and cement.

Number of employees:1200
Sales: $213,200,000.00

Del cruce de la Panasonic, 1 km al sur, 1 km al oeste

San Rafael de Alajuela
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2205 3100

Scotiabank de Costa Rica S.A. (Commercial Banking)
Finance: Banking

Number of employees:1151
Total Assets: $2,128,900,000.00

Scotiabank de Costa Rica S.A.
Po Box 12397
San Jose

Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2255 3076

Inmobiliaria Comercial del Oeste S.A. (Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers)
Real estate firm involved in property rental and sale.

Sales: $200,000.00

Industrial Zone Pavas, next to Oficentro La Virgen, 09 Pavas

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2235 5427

Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (Direct Health and Medical Insurance Carriers)
Insurance: Provision of accident and health insurance, hospital and medical service plans and surety insurance

Number of employees:30000
Sales: $2.00

Avenida Segunda, Calles 5 y 7, Apdo 10105

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)

Punto Rojo S.A. (Toilet Preparation Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Manufacture of cleaning products and toiletries

Number of employees:200
Sales: $193,200,000.00

Apartado Postal 160-4050, 300 mts norte de los Tribunales de Justicia

Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2440 3747

Constructora Meltzer S.A. (New Multifamily Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders ))
Construction: Construction of industrial and commercial buildings including offices, shops, factories, banks, hotels, luxury homes, hotels, petrol stations and leisure centres

Number of employees:75
Sales: $175,400,000.00

Constructora Meltzer S.A.
PO Box 3075-1000
San Jose

Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2220 1741

Derivados de Maiz Alimenticios S.A. (Wet Corn Milling)
Manufacturing: Food and food processing including maize products and palm heart products

Number of employees:2500
Sales: $16,800,000.00

Derivados de Maiz Alimenticios S
PO Box 1071-1000
San Jose

Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2231 1935

Laboratorios Griffith de Centramerica S.A. (All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Processing of raw materials for the food industry

Number of employees:280
Sales: $167,900,000.00

1.5 km al oeste de Jardines del Recuerdo, Lagunilla

Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2277 7001

Fabrica Nacional de Licores (Wineries)
Manufacturing: Manufacure of a range of liquers

Number of employees:225
Sales: $152,800,000.00

800m Oeste del Puente sobre Rio Rosales, Autopista Bernardo Soto, Apa rtado Postal 184-4100 Grecia

Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2494 3652

Corporacion de Desarrollo Pinero de Costa Rica S.A. (Fruit and Tree Nut Combination Farming)
Agriculture: Cultivation and wholesale of nuts and other agricultural produces.

Number of employees:1700
Sales: $1,491,400,000.00

Apdo 4084-1000

San Jose
Costa Rica
Tel: (506)
Fax: 506 2233-7808

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