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Excerpted from the Costa Rica Career Guide

Résumé/CV Guidelines

Cover letter relevance is declining in Costa Rica due to intensive email use. In addition, resumes are now personalized and recruiters do not request letters as often. However, it is always good to have a letter ready to optimize personal marketing and in case it is requested.

In Costa Rica, cover letters are most effective if they meet at least five basic objectives. They must be specific and customized, that is, addressed to a particular individual in the target company, preferably the one with decision-making authority. Also, they must make clear why the candidate is interested in working for the firm and explain how he/she can meet one or several needs of the company, preferably based on his/her skills and outstanding achievements. In addition, they must convey the idea that the candidate is a suitable individual for the job. Finally, they should open doors to future action and communication tactfully and in a positive manner, such as suggesting a meeting.

Other tips for successful cover letters in Costa Rica include: focusing on the firm’s needs, rather than those of the jobseeker; be clear, concise and creative; show an understanding of the industry, company and position; do not send photocopied or mass-produced cover letters; do not send letters longer than one page; do not repeat information already mentioned in the résumé; do not reproduce standard letters; and avoid misspellings, incorrect grammar and typographical errors. Special care must be taken in mentioning names of companies and individuals in the letter.

This is just a sample of what you'll find in the complete Costa Rica guide.

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