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Excerpted from the Costa Rica Career Guide

Business Organizations

Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) Costa Rica
http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/ (Spanish, English, French, German and Chinese)
The Rain Forest Alliance is an association focused on preserving biodiversity and life in order to keep resources available for future generations. RFA seeks to influence how companies and clients behave and operate, in the belief that the best way to conserve resources is to assure that businesses earn a profit. Companies that show concern for the environment can receive RFA certification that can help them generate more income and brand value.

Rain Forest Alliance Nicaragua
Rainforest Alliance
De la Casa de Doña Lela 50 mts Sur
Casa a mano derecha color verde
Lomas de Ayarco Sur, Curridabat
San José, Costa Rica

Mailing Address:
Apartado 11029-1000
San José, Costa Rica

Tel: +506-2216-4800

Professional Associations

Colegio de Ingenieros Tecnólogos (CITEC)
Technological Engineers Association
http://www.citec.or.cr/ (Spanish)
This association was founded to represent professionals of all technological engineering disciplines in Costa Rica. It helps members to improve their professional credentials through scholarships, networking, and educational and recreational activities.

Tel: +506-2202-3900 or+506-2202-3952
Fax: +506-2253-5495
Email: citec@cfia.or.cr

Industry Organizations and Councils

Asociación de Cafés finos de Costa Rica
The Specialty Coffee Association of Costa Rica
http://www.scacr.com/ (Spanish)
This association, founded in 1993, represents coffee producers, toasters and coffee exporters, with its main focus being to improve coffee exports as well as local sales activities in Costa Rica. The organization participates in international coffee forums to promote projects and products, and provides continuing education to producers in an effort to maintain and improve the quality of Costa Rican coffee.

Tel: +506 2220-0734/+506 2220-0685
Fax: +506 2220-1016
Email: info@scacr.com

Unions and Labor Organizations

Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos y Privados (ANEP)
Private and State Employees National Association

http://www.anep.or.cr/ (Spanish)
This organization was founded in 1958 as an initiative to support state employees’ unions. Forty years later, the initiative was extended to private employees as well. Today, the group is mainly dedicated to solving sector or particular issues; when needed, its activities take place nationwide.

Tel: +506-2257-8233 or +506-2257-9924 or +506-2257-9932
Fax: +506-2257-8859
Email: info@anep.or.cr

Chambers of Commerce

Cámara de Comercio de Costa Rica
Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce
http://www.camara-comercio.com/ (Spanish)
This organization, founded in 1915, aims to foster general development in Costa Rica, with a specific focus on representing and defending trade interests, value promotion and programs to benefit members.

Cámara de Comercio de Costa Rica
125 m noroeste del parqueo del Centro Comercial El Pueblo
Diagonal a Publicidad Garnier
San José, Costa Rica
Post Office Box 1114-1000
San José, Costa Rica
Tel: +506-2221-0005 or +506-2221-0124
Email: camara@camara-comercio.com

Networking Groups

Asociación de Residentes en Costa Rica (ARCR)
Association of Costa Rica Residents
http://www.arcr.net/ (English and Spanish)
ARCR is the leading foreigners’ association in Costa Rica. For more than 20 years it has assisted thousands of people moving into Costa Rica, before and after their arrival. ARCR provides information and assistance on moving, insurance and procedures to become a legal resident. In addition, it arranges social activities and offers seminars on various topics. ARCR also offers discounts at a large number of stores in Costa Rica. A yearly fee is required to access all services.

Casa Canada
Esquina de avenida 4 y calle 40
San José, Costa Rica
Post Office Box 1191-1007
Centro Colón
San José, Costa Rica
Tel: +506 2233-8068
Fax: +506 2255-0061
Email: info@arcr.net

Major Trade Publications

http://www.latintrade.com/ (English, Spanish)
LatinTrade is a top regional business journal in Latin America, reaching more than 160,000 readers. It has been published, in English and Spanish, for more than 15 years; the website also provides information in Portuguese. LatinTrade publishes articles and indicators about leading individuals and topics regarding major business trends in Latin America. Each issue usually includes specific information relevant to Costa Rica.

Tel: +1-305-749-0888

Telephone Directories

Guía Telefónica de Costa Rica
Telephone Book of Costa Rica

http://www.telefonicaamarilla.com/ (Spanish)
This official, electronic directory includes all telephone numbers in the country. The hard-copy version comprises three volumes covering Costa Rica’s Yellow Pages (business firms throughout the country), province Yellow Pages (cell phone and business numbers on a per province basis) and White Pages (residential phone numbers throughout the country on a per province basis). Both the printed and online versions include tourism information, emergency numbers, hospital phone numbers, a calendar and postal codes.

Tel: +506 2520-6800
Email: servicioalcliente@telefonicaamarilla.com

This is just a sample of what you'll find in the complete Costa Rica guide.

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