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Excerpted from the Italy Career Guide


Italy is a member of the Schengen Convention whose purpose is to eliminate controls at common borders and promote the free movement of people within the Schengen area. The Schengen Convention also facilitates the free movement of persons in the territory of the EU.

Visa Exemptions

A visa is not required if the traveler is a national of one of the countries whose citizens are exempt from visa requirements for short-term stays not exceeding 90 days on the following grounds: tourism, missions, business or invitations to take part in sporting events.

General Visa Applications Process and Requirements

 To enter and stay in Italy, one must be in possession of a passport or other authorized travel document. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its network of diplomatic and consular offices, which has territorial jurisdiction over the place of residence of the applicants, have authority over visas.

Visa Types

Student Visa

This visa can be issued to foreign nationals who plan to attend university courses, study and participate in professional training at a recognized or qualified institute, and to foreign nationals who participate in cultural and research activities. Foreign students studying for less than three months may apply for a short-stay Schengen Student Visa ‘student’ specification, which is valid in the Schengen Area as well.

Business Visa

A business visa only permits the foreign national to arrange contacts or agreements, attend meetings, visit conferences, and learn or verify the use and the function of goods purchased or sold within the framework of commercial agreements or industrial cooperation.

Work/Employment Visa

While EU citizens require neither visas nor work permits to obtain and maintain employment, a foreign national from a non-EU country who is planning to work or complete a paid internship for any length of time must obtain a work visa in advance of arrival in the country. Work visas will not be valid unless accompanied by a work permit that must be obtained before obtaining the visa.



Italian embassies and consulates in the world


Application form for National Visa


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