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Exceprted from the Ireland Career Guide

Before attending a job interview, it is important to research the prospective employer. The company’s website, its social networking sites, yearly report, and company brochures or literature can all provide important information relating to the company’s business nature, recent development and future direction. You should have a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the job and the skills and experience required.

Interview Conduct

The typical business greeting is a firm handshake. However, not all interviewers will offer a hand to shake. This is not meant to convey disrespect, but is simply an individual preference. It is best to be prepared to return a handshake if offered, rather than to offer one on first meeting. When shaking hands it is normal to look the other person in the eye and maintain eye contact. Applicants who avoid eye contact may be perceived as untrustworthy.

The Interview

While Ireland has two official languages, job interviews usually are conducted in English (except for those positions for which Irish is a requirement).

Applicants should arrive early, ten to 15 minutes or so, as lateness is viewed negatively. The interview process usually includes one or two interviews and possibly psychometric testing, which may consist of aptitude testing as well as personality profiling. The use of assessment centers is becoming popular, especially for graduate training programs. Candidates spend a day or more being observed and assessed while interacting with other candidates and undergoing tests that reflect real-life situations relevant to the vacancy. During this testing, the candidate has to ‘perform’ instead of merely answering questions as to what he or she might do in a particular situation.


If the interviewer does not respond within a reasonable time — or within the time frame indicated during the interview — it is appropriate to follow up by telephone or email. Additionally, if the applicant is not successful in obtaining the job, some employers may, upon request, provide feedback.

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete Ireland Guide.

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