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Excerpted from the Brazil Career Guide

Pre-Interview Preparation

When researching a company, you should focus especially on aspects that relate to your occupation. For example, if your position is related to finance, read financial reports (annual reports), generally available on the company’s website; if it’s engineering, seek information about the company’s logistics and industrial operations.

Interview Conduct

Personal appearance is very important in Brazil; it is essential that you dress appropriately and nicely for an interview. Try to get information about the usual dress code for the company – this is important because it reflects the corporate culture.

The Interview

Interviews can be lengthy — up to two hours in some cases, so it is important to keep a reasonably free schedule on an interview day. There is a good chance the proceedings will run beyond the scheduled time, as additional tests may be applied before or after the interview, including language, psychological or logic tests.


After the interview, you may send a message of appreciation by email, thanking the interviewer for the opportunity to be considered for the job.

Selection-process feedback is not a common practice in Brazil.

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the Brazil Guide.

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