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Excerpted from the Austria Career Guide

Austria boasts one of the most stable economies in the European Union. Austria ranks fourth among eurozone countries and 16th globally in the World Economic Forum's latest Global Competitiveness Report. Austria is rated particularly high for business sophistication (8th place), innovation (15th place) and infrastructure (16th place). The only area found lacking is in labor market flexibility which was ranked 88th.

The country’s steady economy bodes moderately well for jobseekers in the areas of business management and marketing. Exports continue to be the main driver of Austria’s economic growth, despite uncertainty over the European economy. Export growth is about to pick up, which should improve business confidence. Growth in exports, plus an increase in real incomes and favorable financing conditions should support a gradual recovery of domestic demand, according to the OECD.

Areas of Job Promise

Around 38,400 private companies with a workforce of 130,500 make up the Austrian creative industry. The number of creative enterprises has increased significantly in the last five years, in spite of the economic slump that the entire EU economy experienced. An additional positive indicator is that, on average, creative enterprises have been making higher profits than the overall economy, according to the Fifth Austrian Creative Industries Report.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Fachverband Werbung and Marktkommunikations (WKO)
Professional Association Advertising and Market Communication Industry
http://portal.wko.at/wk/format_detail.wk?angid=1&stid=637979&dstid=335 (German, some pages in English) 
The Fachverband Werbung is the trade association for advertisement and communication professionals. It represents the interests of the Austrian advertising and marketing communication industry. Members consist of advertising, multimedia and PR agencies, direct marketers, sponsoring and event agencies, and market researchers. Their website provides useful links to important addresses (e.g., the subsidiaries in the different regions), organizations and media. Press releases, news and information are available as well. Special events, conventions and seminars are listed.

Fachverband Werbung and Marktkommunikation 
Wiedner Hauptstraße 73
A-1040 Vienna 
Tel: +43 5 90 900  
Fax: +43 5 90 900 5678 
Email: office@wko.at



http://www.horizont.at (German) 
Horizont (Horizon) is a journal for marketing and advertising, and covers a variety of topics concerning media. It focuses on developments in the Austrian market. All of the articles in the current issue, as well as previous issues, are accessible online. The website also offers an online discussion forum and a job-placement service. There is a fee for an annual subscription to the print version.

Brunner Feldstrasse 45
A-2380 Perchtoldsdorf 
Tel: +43 1 866 48 0 
Fax: +43 1 866 48 100 
Email: info@horizont.at

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the Austria Guide.

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