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Excerpted from the Austria Career Guide

Some 15,000 companies in Austria operate in the country’s IT industry, employing 170,000 people. One of Austria’s key business sectors, IT owes much of its long-standing success to the country’s good education system and research-friendly environment. The first computer in Europe to work entirely on transistors originated there, created in 1955. Both Austrian and multinational companies have located their headquarters in Vienna. In addition to Vienna, other regions in Austria are home to IT startup centers, technology centers and technology parks.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft (OCG) 
Austrian Computer Society 
 http://www.ocg.at (German, English)
OCG, the Austrian Computer Society (Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft), is a member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). It serves as an umbrella group of associations, organizations and institutions in Austria involved in information processing. Currently with more than 1,600 individual members and more than 100 supporting and institutional members, the OCG coordinates numerous activities involving promotion of the Austrian IT sector. In addition to organizing events and carrying out research activities, the OCG works to bring together employers and IT professionals. It also publishes two magazines: OCG Journal and ECDL News.

Campfschiffstrasse 4
A-1030 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 512 0235 0
Fax: +43 1 512 0235 9
Email: ocg@ocg.at

Labor Unions

Gewerkschaft der Privatangestellten/Druck-Journalismus-Papier (GPA-djp) 
Union of Salaried Employees / Print – Journalism - Paper
http://www.gpa-djp.at/ (German)
IT employees are represented by the GPA-djp, a merger of the Union of Salaried Employees (Gewerkschaft der Privatangestellten) and the Union for Printers (Gewerkschaft für Druck, Journalismus und Papier). It is responsible for handling trade union issues and concerns about the workplace; however, it is believed that IT workers are comparatively less organized than employees in other industries. GPA-djp is the trade union with the most members within the ÖGB (Österreichischer Gewerkschaftsbund /Austrian Trade Union Confederation). GPA-djp represents many different economic sectors, such as commerce, financial and economic services, social insurance and services, the manufacturing industries, research, education, culture, charitable societies and interest groups, as well as the gambling, tourism and leisure industries.

Alfred-Dallinger-Platz-1A-1034 Vienna
Tel: +43 5 03 01 301
Fax: +43 5 0301 39
Email: i-media@gpa-djp.at


http://www.computerwelt.at/ (German)
Computerwelt is an Austrian magazine that covers all areas of IT and telecommunication. It is published every two weeks and is aimed at decision makers in enterprises where IT and telecommunication play a major role. In addition to the printed copy, Computerwelt also is available online. There is a fee for an annual subscription, although single copies may be purchased as well. The website includes a job ads section.

Info Technologie Verlag GmbH
Halbgasse 3-5
A-1070 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 523 05 08 32
Fax: +43 1 523 05 08 33
Email: abo@itverlag.at

This is just a sample of what you'll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete Austria guide.

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