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Sonics Associates Inc. (Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Digital sound systems for theaters.

Number of employees:25000
Sales: $999,999,999.00

2000 Interstate Park Dr., Ste. 204

United States

Graves Automotive Supply (Motor Vehicle Parts (Used) Merchant Wholesalers)
Automotive products.

Number of employees:50
Sales: $9,999,999.00

645 W Holt Blvd.

United States
Tel: (909) 984-2401
Fax: (909)983-5933

M. Aron Corp. (Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing)
Men & Boys Neckwear

Number of employees:100
Sales: $9,999,999.00

39 Cherry Ave.

United States
Tel: (203) 756-8661

Psi Acquisition Inc. (Offices of Other Holding Companies)
Holding companies.

Number of employees:2340
Sales: $9,999,999.00

1901 S Meyers Rd. Ste. 400

Oakbrook Terrace
United States
Tel: (630) 691-1490

GS Technologies Inc. (Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing)
Pharmaceutical Preparations

Number of employees:10
Sales: $999,999.00

1530 N Mountin Springs Pkwy.

United States
Fax: (801)491-8300

RL Klein & Associates (Temporary Help Services)
Help supply services.

Number of employees:60
Sales: $999,999.00

3553 Atlantic Ave. Ste. A

Long Beach
United States
Tel: (562) 427-5577
Fax: (562)427-1807

Best Manufacturers Inc. (Metal Kitchen Cookware, Utensil, Cutlery, and Flatware (except Precious) Manufacturing)
Manufacturer and distributor of kitchen products.

Number of employees:15
Sales: $999,999.00

Best Manufacturers Inc.
PO Box 20091
Tel: (503) 253-1528
Fax: (503)253-0878

Hull Builders Supply Inc. (Brick, Stone, and Related Construction Material Merchant Whole salers)
Brick, stone, and related material.

Number of employees:28
Sales: $999,999.00

Hull Builders Supply Inc.
PO Box 432
Tel: (440) 967-3159
Fax: (440)967-8823

Equipment Management Services L.L.C. (Office Administrative Services)
Management services.

Number of employees:26
Sales: $999,999.00

24303 Cougar St.

United States
Tel: (832) 435-5055

Charles F Reynolds (All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services)
Business services.

Number of employees:99
Sales: $999,999.00

216 Tennyson Ave.

United States
Tel: (412) 246-6414

Lois A Valeskie (Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing)
Measuring and controlling devices.

Number of employees:10
Sales: $999,999.00

2200 Jerrold Ave. Ste. K

San Francisco
United States
Tel: (415) 641-2570
Fax: (415)584-4097

Achievement Products Inc. (Other Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods Merchant Wholesalers)
Awards, emblems, recognition, incentive and promotional products.

Number of employees:10
Sales: $999,999.00

Achievement Products Inc.
PO Box 388
East Hanover
Tel: (973) 887-5090
Fax: (973)515-0171

MSI Electronics Inc. (Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing)
Semiconductors And Related Devices

Number of employees:5
Sales: $999,999.00

3100 47th Ave.

Long Island City
United States
Tel: (718) 937-3330
Fax: (718)937-3499

AgriVista Inc. (Other Management Consulting Services)
Provides agricultural consulting and marketing services. Offers agricultural and food processing clients comprehensive industry knowledge and contacts, insightful strategies, counsel, sales producing marketing and communications services. As a management consultancy the firm offers defined project management and non-financial problem solving. Research capabilities provide clients global marketing opportunities, competitive position and/or image in the marketplace. Industries served: Agribusiness, cooperatives and food processors.

Number of employees:6
Sales: $999,999.00

8440 Woodfield Crossing Blvd., Ste. 300

United States
Tel: (317) 469-2226
Fax: (317)469-2200

Robinson's Simply the Best (Computer Systems Design Services)
Computer related services.

Number of employees:99
Sales: $999,999.00

60 S School St. Apt 11

United States
Tel: (808) 947-5725

Better Tv Inc. (Cable and Other Subscription Programming)
Cable and other pay television services.

Number of employees:30
Sales: $999,999.00

138 Citation Ct.

United States
Tel: (205) 823-8515

Gage-Babcock & Associates Ltd. (Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services)
Full service engineering firm specializing in fire protection, security and life safety. Provides a wide range of engineering services to include: Fire and security systems design, codes and standards consulting, safety inspections, emergency response planning, hazard assessment/risk analysis surveys, systems testing and evaluation, master planning and incident investigation.

Number of employees:75
Sales: $999,999.00

11350 Random Hills Rd., Ste. 800

United States

Cramer & Associates Inc. (Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Se rvices)
Provider of leadership and development coaching services. It also offers organizational evaluation, brand analysis and strategic planning solutions.

Number of employees:10
Sales: $999,999.00

555 Metro Pl. N, Ste. 500

United States
Tel: (614) 766-4483

Spear Management Co. (Security Guards and Patrol Services)
Detective and armored car services.

Number of employees:51
Sales: $999,999.00

1642 N Cahuenga Blvd.

Los Angeles
United States
Tel: (323) 963-7515

R&M Gardella Inc. (Janitorial Services)
Building maintenance services.

Number of employees:20
Sales: $999,999.00

2375 Hwy. 34

United States
Tel: (732) 292-4550

LiDestri Foods Inc. (Specialty Canning)
Manufacturing: Food items such as sauces, dips and salsas.

Number of employees:10
Sales: $999,999.00

815 W Whitney Rd.

United States
Tel: (585) 377-7700

National Time Recording Equipment Company Inc. (Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing)
Office machines.

Number of employees:10
Sales: $999,999.00

64 Reade St. Fl. 2

New York
United States
Tel: (212) 227-3310
Fax: (212)227-5353

Chase Studio Inc. (All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services)
Business services.

Number of employees:52
Sales: $999,999.00

205 Wolf Creek Rd.

United States
Tel: (417) 794-3303
Fax: (417)794-3741

Western Building Cleaning Company Inc. (Janitorial Services)
Building maintenance services.

Number of employees:15
Sales: $999,999.00

10221 Slater Ave. Ste. 105

Fountain Valley
United States
Tel: (714) 965-5780
Fax: (213)965-5784

Ciphersync (Computer Systems Design Services)
Computer related services.

Number of employees:3
Sales: $999,999.00

611 Pennsylvania Ave. Se

United States
Tel: (202) 489-3588

Dupre and Dukes Catering (Full-Service Restaurants)
Eating places.

Number of employees:20
Sales: $999,999.00

523 Caro Ln.

United States
Tel: (803) 345-8978

Capital Court Reporting Inc. (Court Reporting and Stenotype Services)
Secretarial and court reporting.

Number of employees:15
Sales: $999,999.00

1350 Division Rd. Ste. 104

West Warwick
United States
Tel: (401) 739-3600

The Sartell Group Inc. (Computer Systems Design Services)
Computer integrated systems design.

Number of employees:90
Sales: $999,999.00

800 Hennepin Ave. Ste. 400

United States
Tel: (612) 548-3101

Techsamerica.Com Inc. (Computer Systems Design Services)
Computer related services.

Number of employees:46
Sales: $999,999.00

101 Convention Ctr. Dr.

Las Vegas
United States
Tel: (212) 334-6350

Hcl/Fsai J.V. (Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction)
Water, sewer, and utility lines.

Number of employees:61
Sales: $999,999.00

9570 S Kingston Ct. Ste. 310

United States
Tel: (303) 773-1605

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