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Excerpted from the United States Career Guide

Jobs in engineering are plentiful, whether a candidate has an associate's degree, bachelor's degree or advanced degree. And campus recruiting is also on the rebound, particularly for positions in computer hardware, mechanical, industrial, materials and electrical engineering. The supply of engineers has not kept pace with recent increasing demand, and the problem exists at all levels of the engineering job market. The Manpower Talent Shortage Survey finds US employers rate engineers as the second-hardest job to fill. Engineers have been on the Top Ten ‘Hardest Jobs to Fill’ list for seven years running.

Areas of Job Promise

  • Auto industry: The recovery of the country’s automobile industry is generating engineering jobs as Detroit automakers and their business partners hire engineers. Engineering jobs in demand include mechatronics, and the design of LED lighting and lithium-ion batteries. Competition is fierce to hire engineers with backgrounds in both mechanical and electronic engineering.

  • Civil construction: Unfortunate disasters like super storm Sandy mean steady work for civil and construction engineers. In addition, new funding for green design, particularly for sustainable infrastructure facilities, will create demand for engineers.


Among all new graduates, those with engineering degrees rank among the highest paid. The average salary for recent engineering graduates was 61,872 USD, up 1.5 percent from the previous year, according to National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). A sampling of top majors:

  • Aerospace engineering majors averaged 69,600 USD
  • Chemical engineering graduates averaged 63,900 USD
  • Civil engineering majors, 57,100 USD


EE Times - Electronic Engineering Times
This trade publication delivers business and technology news to engineers and technical managers in the electronics industry, providing the full spectrum of information that design engineers, engineering managers and upper management need to plan and execute each phase of the design cycle from product-concept development to manufacturing. EE Times articles discuss semiconductors, systems and software, electrical engineering design, automotive design, power management, the workplace, medical technology, military products, communications design and advanced technology. The EE Times website offers design articles and schematics, product reviews and release notices, how-to guides, a video library of news articles, a calendar of events with conferences, webcasts and regional seminars throughout the world. The ‘Engineering Careers’ section also hosts a jobs database searchable by job title, category and location, salary surveys and a well-developed career advice section. The professional education materials available on the site (in video and textual formats) facilitate the audience’s professional development and complement the careers section. An annual print subscription (26 issues) is free for qualified engineering subscribers in the United States; other countries have local editions of EE Times with separate subscription and billing procedures. The digital edition of EE Times is freely available to all website visitors who register with EE Times.

EE Times
Post Office Box 2164
Skokie, IL 60076
Tel: +1 (800) 577-5356
Email: feedback@eetimes.com 

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