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Excerpted from the Switzerland Career Guide

The Swiss mechanical and electrical industries (known as MEM) form one of the largest industry sectors in Switzerland. The sector includes metallurgy, mechanical engineering and vehicle construction, electrical engineering and electronics, and precision instruments. In addition, this is the largest industrial sector in terms of employment, with more than 330,000 workers, as well as more than 20 percent of GDP. This sector is also a huge contributor to Switzerland’s exports, with more than 80 percent of its production exported, comprising more than 40 percent of Swiss exports.

Certification and Education Requirements

Engineers in Switzerland must have a relevant degree, called Diplom (Diploma) obtained from a technical higher education institution (e.g. university, institute, polytechnics). On an academic scale, a Swiss engineering Diplom is somewhere between a British BSc and MSc, or a bit higher than an American MSc degree. Engineering education is divided into a science-oriented curriculum track and a syllabus for realization-oriented engineers. The two federal technical universities (the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and Lausanne) provide science-oriented engineering studies. The seven Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences offer tertiary-level programs designed to teach application-oriented, scientifically-based engineering.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Electrosuisse – Verband für Elektro-, Energie- und Informationstechnik (SEV)
Electrosuisse – Association pour l’électro-technique, les technologies de l'énergie et de l’information Electrosuisse – Associazione per l’elettrotecnica, la tecnica energetica e l’informatica
Electrosuisse – Association for Electrical Engineering, Power and Information Technologies
http://www.electrosuisse.ch/ (German, French, Italian, English)
Founded in 1889 as Swiss Electrotechnical Association (SEV), this association has approximately 4,450 professionals and 1,850 companies and institutions as members. Electrosuisse acts as a coordinating body and center for information, training and standardization. It is involved in product qualification and certification, as well as production supervision, consultancy, inspection, sanctioning of safety emblems and market monitoring.

Luppmenstr. 1
8320 Fehraltorf
Tel: +41 (0) 44 956 11 11
Fax: +41 (0) 44 956 11 22
Email: info@electrosuisse.ch


http://www.elektor.de (German, English, French, Italian, and four other languages)
Elektor is a monthly European-wide magazine for private and professional users of electronics, offering know-how in electronic switchers, applications and building components of electronic devices, tips about servicing, including lists of service shops, and summaries of German-language IC data pages.

Elektor-Verlag GmbH
Süsterfeldstr. 25
52072 Aachen
Tel: +49 (0) 241 88 909 0
Fax: +49 (0) 241 88 909 77
Email: info@elektor.de

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