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Excerpted from the Sweden Career Guide

Pre-Interview Preparation

Learn as much as possible about a prospective company before the interview. It is acceptable to contact the person listed in a job advertisement in order to introduce yourself and to obtain additional information, however, keep the call brief and don’t call more than once.

Interview Conduct

Dress appropriately for the type of position sought. Investigate a company’s dress code by, for example, examining the company’s website and seeing if there are any pictures.

The Interview

Swedish employers analyze everything about an applicant, from skills and education to personality and social graces.  Be prepared to answer questions about everything from your background, including hobbies, to opinions on current matters related to the position.


You can expect the recruitment process to take approximately one month.

Sending thank you notes is becoming more common.

This is just a sample of what you'll find in the complete Sweden guide.

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