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Excerpted from the Spain Career Guide

To answer job advertisements in Spain, an applicant should always provide a résumé/CV (curriculum vitae). It will usually be specified within the job advertisement whether the candidate needs to submit a cover letter as well. If there is no specification, then it is advisable to provide both the CV and a cover letter. It is also a good idea to include a high-quality, professional photo with the CV.

Cover Letter Guidelines and Samples

It is common in Spain to include a cover letter when submitting a résumé/CV, but handwritten letters are no longer acceptable. Typically, cover letters are written using the most common word processing software so every recruiter will be able to open it upon electronic receipt. Nevertheless, due to the diversity of word processing formats and software editions, it is better to send the cover letter as a PDF file to guarantee that every user will be able to open your file. The length of cover letters may vary with the job offer’s level of specificity and required experience. However, it is advisable to present cover letters that do not exceed one page in length.

Résumé/ CV Guidelines and Samples

There are many ways to design a résumé/CV. Nevertheless, it is advisable to keep a conservative format and adjust the CV depending on the job offer requirements to highlight the information most relevant to the position. Typically, a CV will have six main parts: personal information, education, professional experience, skills, languages and interests. Education and professional experience should be in reverse chronological order, listing the most recent work experiences first.

Professional experience can be listed before education for experienced workers. It is best to keep education first for young candidates.

The CV should be written in the same language used for the job offer.

You'll find more advice and cover letter and resume samples in the complete Spain Guide.

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