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The following list represents companies reporting the largest assets/revenues in the country. More than 400,000 additional corporate profiles can be found in Going Global's Employer Directory.

Ingerop Africa Proprietary Ltd. (Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Se rvices)
Firm engaged in provision of project management, environmental, consultancy and development engineering services.

Number of employees:150
Sales: $99,800,000.00

PO Box 1130

South Africa
Tel: (27) 011-8083005
Fax: 27 011-8083018

Vunani Ltd. (Investment Advice)
Finance: Financial services company with certain strategic investments. It has investments in security trading operations, investment banking, corporate advisory services and property developments and holdings

Number of employees:103
Total Revenue: $9,960,413.00

PO Box 652419

South Africa
Tel: (27) 11 263 9500
Fax: 27 11 784 2550

MiX Telematics Ltd. (Wired Telecommunications Carriers)
Services: Holding company with activities focused on all levels of vehicle telematics including vehicle tracking and recovery, fleet management, driver safety and training and compliance support

Number of employees:1089
Total Revenue: $99,578,260.00

MiX Telematics Ltd.
PO Box 12326
Vorna Valley

Tel: (27) 11 654 8000
Fax: 27 11 654 8122

Amka Products Proprietary Ltd. (Toilet Preparation Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Manufacturing and marketing of cosmetics

Number of employees:1000
Sales: $992,200,000.00

PO Box 3504

South Africa
Tel: (27) 12 674 0400
Fax: 27 12 666 8715

Purple Group Ltd. (Offices of Other Holding Companies)
Provider of investment and financial services.

Number of employees:68
Total Revenue: $9,918,501.00

Purple Group Ltd.
Private Bag X1
Melrose Arch

Fax: 27 11 214-8028

Daco Services CC (Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers)
Provider of repairs and maintenance services for forklift industry.

Number of employees:14
Sales: $9,900,000.00

Daco Services CC
PO Box 6416

Tel: (27) 11 918-5317
Fax: 27 11 918-5318

Bucco Canopies Proprietary Ltd. (Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Manufacture of fibreglass LDV canopies

Number of employees:220
Sales: $98,900,000.00

Bucco Canopies Proprietary Ltd.
PO Box 1934

Tel: (27) 31 709 2260
Fax: 27 31 709 2259

Aranda Textile Mills Proprietary Ltd. (Curtain and Linen Mills)
Manufacturing: Production of rugs, fur-pile blankets and fabrics

Number of employees:1000
Sales: $986,400,000.00

Aranda Textile Mills Proprietary
PO Box 179

Tel: (27) 860 272632
Fax: 27 11 412 3504

Flextech Manufacturing Proprietary Ltd. (Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Design and manufacture of flexible control cables and cable components mainly for automotive industry.

Number of employees:130
Sales: $98,600,000.00

PO Box 2231

South Africa
Tel: (27) 128-034485
Fax: 27 128-034269

Universal Industries Corporation Ltd. (Food Product Machinery Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Investment holding company. Its subsidiaries are involved in the business of manufacture, erection, supply and distribution of refrigerated display cabinets, insulated structures and industrial and commercial bakery and catering machinery as well as equipment and utensils of all descriptions applicable to that industry

Number of employees:790
Sales: $98,500,000.00

16 Precision St., Kya Sand

South Africa
Tel: (27) 11 462 2130
Fax: 27 11 462 2621

Palabora Mining Company Ltd. (Copper Ore and Nickel Ore Mining)
Mining: Mining, extraction and sale of copper, joint-product magnetite and associated by-products including anode slimes and sulphuric acid. In a smaller business segment, the Company also exploits a vermiculite deposit adjacent to the copper operation

Number of employees:2280
Sales: $984,900,000.00

Palabora Mining Company Ltd.
PO Box 65

Tel: (27) 15 780 2911
Fax: 27 15 781 0448

Rand Refinery Proprietary Ltd. (Nonferrous Metal (except Aluminum) Smelting and Refining)
Manufacturing: Smelting and refining of precious metals and the production of value-added products

Number of employees:542
Sales: $98,300,000.00

Rand Refinery Proprietary Ltd.
PO Box 565

Tel: (27) 11 418 9000
Fax: 27 11 418 9231

Royal Bafokeng Holdings Proprietary Ltd. (Offices of Other Holding Companies)
Finance: Investment company managing and developing the commercial assets of the Royal Bafokeng

Sales: $981,900,000.00

Royal Bafokeng Holdings Propriet
PO Box 55669

Tel: (27) 11 530 8000
Fax: 27 11 530 8039

Pneumax Southern Africa Proprietary Ltd. (Fluid Power Cylinder and Actuator Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Manufacture of components for pneumatic automation and flow measuring products

Number of employees:17
Sales: $9,800,000.00

PO Box 1391

South Africa
Tel: (27) 11 573 0900
Fax: 27 11 974 8035

Edu-Loan Proprietary Ltd. (All Other Non-Depository Credit Intermediation)
Finance: Provision of loans for education

Number of employees:65
Sales: $979,100,000.00

Eduloan House, Constantia Park, Cnr 14th Ave. and Hendrik Potgieter R d.

Weltevreden Park
South Africa

GBS Mutual Bank (Commercial Banking)
Finance: Banking

Total Assets: $97,500,000.00

GBS Mutual Bank
PO Box 114

Tel: (27) 46 622 7109
Fax: 27 46 622 8855

Zimco Group Proprietary Ltd. (Synthetic Dye and Pigment Manufacturing)
Group of companies involved in producing zinc, aluminum, rubber, plastic and metal processing.

Number of employees:1865
Sales: $973,000,000.00

PO Box 519

South Africa
Tel: (27) 11 827-5413
Fax: 27 11 824-4865

WSP Group Proprietary Ltd. (Engineering Services)
Firm engaged in engineering professional services consulting.

Number of employees:180
Sales: $97,200,000.00

WSP House, Bryanston Pl., 199 Bryanston Dr.

South Africa
Fax: 11 361 1301

Glencore Operations South Africa Proprietary Ltd. (Copper Ore and Nickel Ore Mining)
Mining: Minerals processing company with divisions involved in chrome and vanadium mining and beneficiation

Number of employees:4300
Sales: $971,800,000.00

Private Bag 82288

South Africa
Tel: (27) 14 590 6000
Fax: 27 14 590 6002

MEGA (Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses))
Real Estate: Provision of property management services and finance

Sales: $9,700,000.00

PO Box 5838

Tel: (27) 13 752 2440
Fax: 27 13 755 1756

Merpak Envelopes Proprietary Ltd. (Stationery Product Manufacturing)
Manufacturer of envelopes.

Number of employees:220
Sales: $96,600,000.00

Merpak Envelopes Proprietary Ltd
PO Box 39344

Fax: 11 885 3174

Astore Africa Proprietary Ltd. (Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies (Hydronics) Mercha nt Wholesalers)
Wholesale: Distribution of thermoplastic pressure pipeline systems and plastic pipe fittings, valves, sheeting, welding machines

Number of employees:120
Sales: $96,000,000.00

PO Box 5326

Boksburg North
South Africa
Tel: (27) 86 86 127 8673
Fax: 27 11 892 2781

Leaf Wireless Proprietary Ltd. (Wired Telecommunications Carriers)
Communications: Development and maintenance of fully integrated end-to-end mobile solutions and services.

Sales: $9,600,000.00

1st Fl., Cedar Sq., Cedar Rd.

South Africa
Tel: (27) 114-608000

Dynamic Visual Technologies Proprietary Ltd. (Custom Computer Programming Services)
Services: Software and services specialising in the provision of tailor-made software solutions and packaged software

Number of employees:130
Sales: $9,600,000.00

Dynamic Visual Technologies Prop
PO Box 408
Gallo Manor

Tel: (27) 11 759 5930
Fax: 27 650 7203

PSG Private Equity Ltd. (Offices of Other Holding Companies)
Finance: Investment company

Sales: $9,600,000.00

PO Box 7403

South Africa
Tel: (27) 21 887 9602

Waertsilae South Africa Proprietary Ltd. (Transportation Equipment and Supplies (except Motor Vehicle) M erchant Wholesalers)
Wholesale: Marketing, sale and service of marine propulsion systems

Number of employees:50
Sales: $95,600,000.00

Waertsilae South Africa Propriet
PO Box 356
Cape Town

Tel: (27) 21 511 1230
Fax: 27 21 511 1412

Autoliv Southern Africa Proprietary Ltd. (Automobile Manufacturing)
Manufacturer of seat belt systems, air bags and steering wheels.

Number of employees:156
Sales: $9,500,000.00

PO Box 3058, 19 Fransen St., Chamdor,

South Africa
Tel: (27) 011-2792600

African Brick Centre Ltd. (Clay Building Material and Refractories Manufacturing)
Manufacturing: Clay mining, manufacturing of clay semi-face bricks and a strong 'wet trade' retail section

Sales: $9,500,000.00

PO Box 99

South Africa

Morvest Group Ltd. (Software Publishers)
Firm provides IT services and business support services.

Number of employees:1061
Sales: $94,961,727.00

188, 14th Rd., Noordwyk

South Africa

Andulela Investment Holdings Ltd. (Offices of Other Holding Companies)
Finance: Investment holding company with two trading subsidiaries. One in platinum tailings re-treatment and the other in steel processing and distribution

Number of employees:325
Total Revenue: $94,843,754.00

Andulela Investment Holdings Ltd
PO Box 786786

Tel: (27) 11 888 8888
Fax: 27 11 883 2523

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