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Excerpted from the South Africa Career Guide

Mining and Minerals: South Africa is blessed with a multitude of mineral resources. It has 90 percent of the world’s platinum reserves and leads the world in platinum exports; it boasts 80 percent of the world’s manganese, 70 percent of its chrome and 40 percent of its gold. It is also a significant producer of vanadium and titanium, and exports a large amount of coal. However, recent labor unrest in the country’s mines has reduced production.

Automotive: The auto sector is one of South Africa’s most important, contributing at least 6 percent to the country’s GDP and accounting for almost 12 percent of South Africa's manufacturing exports. The government has identified the automotive industry as a key growth sector, with the aim of increasing vehicle production to 1.2 million units by 2020.

Employment Outlook

According to a survey conducted by ManpowerGroup, 72 percent of employers in South Africa believe talent shortages are affecting client-facing activity. Engineering tops the list of jobs that are hardest to fill.

Acute skills shortages

South Africa needs to produce ten times more engineers than it does now, according to industry experts. The country needs about 30,000 engineers per year to be able to carry out just the planned future infrastructure projects. But, at present, only about 3,000 graduate with engineering degrees.

Areas of Job Promise

The job market for engineers in natural resources has remained relatively strong. The number of engineering job openings has actually increased in mining, power generation, water and construction.

Project managers: Employers are experiencing demand for strong project managers with a proven background of delivering projects on time and on budget.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing in South Africa is turning into a competition for talent. The lack of skills is adding to the sector’s current woes. Moreover, the skills gap that exists today will not likely close in the near future, according to Deloitte.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, South Africa (ICMEESA) 
The ICMEESA is the only learned and vocational institution that represents all certified electrical and mechanical engineers in South Africa. It is the only institution for certified engineers that enjoys statutory recognition according to the Engineering Profession of South Africa Act. Its aim is to uphold the professional image, status and interests of all certified mechanical and electrical engineers by representing them through proactive participation to statutory, educational and professional decision-making bodies. It also fosters regular formal communication to and between members so as to promote member interaction, fellowship and ongoing professional development.

Physical location:
Office No 5 Lakeside Two
Ernest Oppenheimer Ave
Mailing address:
Post Office Box 531
Bruma 2026
Tel: +27 11 615 4304
Fax: +27 86 262 1061
Email: icmeesa@icmeesa.org.za

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete South Africa Guide.

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