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Excerpted from the Peru Career Guide

Cover Letter Guidelines and Samples

It is unusual to send a cover letter in Peru. A survey of executive recruitment organizations showed they are not used frequently and, when they are required, usually they are sent to foreign executives. In general, the job ad will specify if a cover letter is required. As there is no standard format for a cover letter, you should consider the general recommendations detailed here.

The cover letter should be clear, direct and have a specific objective in order to make sense to the reader. It should quickly demonstrate for the reader what makes you stand out from other candidates for the position.

Résumé / CV Guidelines and Samples

In Peru, the curriculum vitae, or CV, is the most important document presented during the job application process. A letter of motivation — a cover letter or an invitation letter in which you present yourself to a potential employer — is not required in most cases. There is no standard format or layout for a CV in Peru, but the chosen format should clearly present your skills and experience in a maximum of two pages. Also, the CV must consider the target position, and emphasize the skills and qualifications you have that most closely match the available job.

The CV must be well written, complete, consistent, current and organized. Communicate clearly and concisely the information you wish to convey, and leave out irrelevant material. Keep your wording simple and honest. Obviously, you should be very careful to use correct spelling and grammar.

You'll find more advice and cover letter and resume samples in the complete Peru Guide.

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