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Excerpted from the Peru Career Guide

Traveling to Peru generally requires a visa and may involve extensive documentation to meet the application requirements. Foreign nationals who want to visit Peru or perform activities, such as work, study or investment, need the authorization to stay in Peruvian territory and should apply for temporary or resident visas.

Student Visas

Temporary Visa

Students studying in Peru can receive student visas valid for 90 days. For students studying in Peru for more than 90 days, the visa must be renewed every 90 days at an Oficina de Migraciones. The Peruvian consulate does not issue student visas for more than three months. Student visas may be renewed at the Peruvian Immigration Office (Oficina de Migraciones) once the student has enrolled in a Peruvian school. A foreign national can enter the country as a tourist, and once there request the MIGRACIONES to change his/her immigration status to student. In addition to the general visa requirements, the student is required to have a letter from his/her university or educational institution in Peru, showing where he/she has been accepted, indicating the motive and length of stay.

Business Visas

Temporary Visa

Foreign nationals of all countries require business visas in order to work in Peru on a temporary basis. A business visa is issued for multiple entries within 183 days from first entry.

A temporary business visa does not authorize an individual to perform services as an employee of a local Peruvian company or as a worker of a foreign company abroad in Peru. That is, this visa does not allow the holder to perform any labor activities in Peru or to earn income from a Peruvian company. If a foreign is visiting Peru to carry out business activities in Peru, the individual must obtain a temporary consular business visa.

Resident Visa

For those who want to work in Peru for more than 90 days, a resident working visa is required. Resident working visas have to be requested by employers in Peru. An application for a resident working visa can be submitted at a Peruvian consulate or embassy, or at an Oficina de Migraciones within Peru. If foreign nationals are already in Peru, they could request a change of their immigration status from the MIGRACIONES without having to leave the country.


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