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Excerpted from the Australia Career Guide

Pre-Interview Preparation

As part of your interview preparations, you should research the company’s philosophy, market strategy and plans for future growth. Visit the organization’s website and read any marketing material directed at the company’s clients — you may find the latest annual report especially useful.

Interview Conduct

Although business in Australia often is conducted in an open and informal environment, you should maintain a completely professional demeanor and show the utmost courtesy and respect. Project a reserved attitude; Australians dislike arrogant or impolite behavior.

The Interview

You should be prepared to answer a variety of questions. Employers often try to assess an applicant’s ability to respond quickly, asking hypothetical questions that require improvisation. Interviewers in Australia typically will ask process-related questions, such as "Tell me about a situation where you have had to be proactive," or "Explain how you resolved a situation with a difficult client."

Post Interview

It is a good practice immediately after the interview to review the questions that were asked and write down what you can remember. This will be helpful if you are called back for a second interview, because it allows you to go over the questions and answers from the initial interview, evaluate your performance and improve on deficiencies — not only for a possible second interview, but when preparing for future interviews as well.

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the Australia Guide.

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