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Excerpted from the Norway Career Guide

It is very common in Norway to rely on personal recommendations when looking to fill a job vacancy. Never underestimate the importance of networking. Having contacts from various industries can vastly increase your chances in the job market. You can easily build informal and formal networks in Norway by attending and participating in local events, meetings and activities. These networks can certainly be established by joining a LinkedIn group, but keep in mind that your next employment opportunity may come from a person you meet on the soccer field.

Business Organizations

Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Norway
http://pwnnorway.no/ (English)
PWN Norway, formerly known as the Association of International Professional and Business Women, is the Norwegian network of PWN Global, an international network that unites, supports and promotes professional women. Based in the Greater Oslo area, PWN Norway provides a networking forum for international, professional women representing many different industries. The group holds monthly meetings featuring professional speakers, sponsors mentoring programs and organizes special events for members. Prospective members can apply online at the PWN Global website.


Professional Associations

Information Technology

Den Norske Dataforening (DND)
Norwegian Computer Society (NCS)

http://www.dataforeningen.no (Norwegian, some English)
The Norwegian Computer Society is a national society for information technology professionals and advanced users in Norway. With regional associations across the country, NCS is made up of thousands of individual and corporate members. The group serves as an open, independent forum for its members, as well as a force to increase awareness of the possibilities of IT and to help optimize its usage in business and society as a whole. NCS holds membership meetings and organizes numerous seminars, conferences and exhibitions. It also includes many special interest groups that focus on a specific area, such as cloud computing, business intelligence and information management, IT security and software testing.

Tel: +47 22 36 48 80
Email: post@dataforeningen.no


IEEE – Norway Section
http://ewh.ieee.org/r8/norway (English)
The IEEE, pronounced ‘Eye-triple-E,’ is a global industry association for professionals in all aspects of the electrical, electronic and computing fields and related areas of science and technology. The group offers educational and networking opportunities and is active in publishing, producing some of the most prominent engineering journals in the world. The IEEE – Norway Section includes several local special interest groups and a student branch at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Special interest groups include Control Systems, Power Engineering, Industrial Applications, Oceanic Engineering, Signal Processing/Information Technology/Communication, Education, and Antennas and Propagation/Microwave Theory and Techniques. Contact information for each chapter and the student branch can be found on the website.

Email: hasala@ieee.org

Accounting and Finance

Den norske Revisorforening (DnR)
Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants
http://www.revisorforeningen.no (Norwegian, English)
DnR is the professional organization for registered and state-authorized public accountants in Norway. The institute sets professional and ethical standards, represents its members’ interests, and provides publications and continuing professional education in the field.

Tel: +47 23 36 52 00
Email: post@revisorforeningen.no

Business Management and Marketing

HR Norge
HR Norway

http://www.hrnorge.no (Norwegian)
HR Norway is a professional organization for those working in human resources and management. Founded in 1958, HR Norway has roughly 3,000 individual and business members from both the private and public sectors. The group promotes expertise in HR and management at all levels, through networking, membership meetings, courses, conferences, a weekly online newsletter, news and trend articles on its website, and numerous reports, studies and fact sheets. The website also features job listings.

Tel: +47 22 11 11 22
Email: hrnorge@hrnorge.no

Industry Organizations and Councils

Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon (NHO)
Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise

http://www.nho.no/ (Norwegian, English)
NHO is the largest trade association in Norway, with more than 24,000 member companies that range from small, family-owned businesses to multinational corporations. In addition to the central organization in Oslo, members also belong to one of 15 regional associations, which cover all of Norway’s counties. There are also 19 NHO national associations (e.g., NHO Maritime, Norwegian Hospitality Association, Energy Norway) that provide support on sector-related issues. Norsk Industri is the largest of these NHO associations. NHO conducts collective bargaining with unions on behalf of its members.

Tel: +47 23 08 80 00
Email: firmapost@nho.no

Unions and Labor Organizations

Landsorganisasjonen i Norge (LO)
Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions
http://www.lo.no (Norwegian, English and seven other languages)
The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, LO, is the largest workers’ organization in Norway, and has influenced the country’s labor and economic development for more than a century. LO has nearly 900,000 members organized in 22 affiliated national unions. Members include blue- and white-collar workers from both the public and private sectors. The LO website is a good source for union-related information.

Email: lo@lo.no

Networking Groups

International Club Oslo Norway (ICON)
http://www.icon-oslo.com (English)
ICON is an international social club made up of people from many countries. Its purpose is to promote international friendship, as well as to offer advice and support for living in Oslo and its surroundings. It holds meetings, ranging from formal talks to informal social gatherings to organized activities including skiing, tennis, hikes, book clubs, knitting and painting. The group also raises money for local and international charities.

Email: icon.oslo.president@gmail.com

Chambers of Commerce

Det Norske Handelskammerforbund (DNH)
Association of Norwegian Chambers of Commerce
http://www.dnhf.no (Norwegian, English)
The Association of Norwegian Chambers of Commerce is an association of local chambers of commerce in Norway. It fosters cooperation among the member chambers, assists in the creation of new chambers of commerce in the country, and participates in national and international forums. There are local chambers of commerce in all of the larger cities in Norway; the DNH website includes a full listing of local chambers with contact information.

Mid-Norway Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Dronningens gate 12
7011 Trondheim
Tel: +47 73 88 31 10
Email: firmapost@trondheim-chamber.no

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete Norway Guide.

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