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Excerpted from the Korea Career Guide

All around the world, one of the most difficult positions for businesses to fill is engineers. South Korea is no exception to that problem. In the next few years, a large number of engineers, particularly those in the petroleum industry, will be ready for retirement. Worldwide, an insufficient number of young engineers are graduating from programs to meet demand. So qualified engineers are at a global premium, and this shortage will persist.

Both multinational corporations (MNCs) and domestic firms in South Korea are seeking engineering professionals. For example, General Electric advertises openings for engineers in a variety of positions, including engineering sales, project management, quality management, supply chain, procurement, and product design and development.

Areas of Job Promise

Oil and Gas

Specially trained engineers are sorely needed in South Korea’s offshore businesses. Because project engineering and management of offshore platforms differ according to the marine environment, a greater number of engineers are needed. It is possible to use other platform engineers for offshore engineering, but, in the long run, trained specialists in offshore platform engineering are needed, according to SERI Quarterly.


South Korea's energy needs continue to grow, and by 2020 the country will likely be using 250 percent more energy than it did in 1990.

Korea’s new and renewable energy industry increased its output 124 percent in just the last four years. Wind and solar photovoltaic energies have been the predominant sources. Currently ranking tenth in the world in solar power production, South Korea plans to expand solar output to 3,504 MW by 2030. Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Hanwha have made significant investments and are expanding into this space.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea (IEEK)
http://www.ieek.or.kr/ (Korean, English)
IEEK was established in 1946. Its goal is to organize and conduct various activities and projects designed to promote the growth and expansion of academic information and technological advancement in fields relating to electronics, information and communication. For the past 65 years, IEEK has been the largest association in Korea. At present, IEEK has approximately 30,000 members.

Room 907, Korea Science & Technology Building
635-4, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, Korea 135-703
Tel: +82-2-553-0255
Fax: +82-2-552-6093
Email: ieek@ieek.or.kr


Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology (JEET)
http://www.kiee.or.kr/ (Korean, English)
This publication is produced and published quarterly by the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (KIEE). It contains articles, papers and theses related to electrical engineering. It can be accessed and downloaded for free. KIEE provides a free online examination service to members in both English and Korean. The International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems (IJCAS) is also published by KIEE (jointly with the Institute of Control, Automation and Systems Engineers).

Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology
Room 901, Science and Tech Building
635-4, Yeok sam Dong
Gangnam Gu, Seoul, Korea 135-703
Tel: +82-2-553-0151
Fax: +82-2566-9957
Email: kiee@kiee.or.kr

This is just a sample of what you'll find in the complete Korea guide.

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