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Excerpted from the India Career Guide

In recent years India has experienced growth that has made its economy the tenth-largest in the world, and some analysts believe it could be the fifth-largest by the end of the decade. The IMF, meanwhile, has predicted that by 2016 India will surpass China as having the fastest-growing GDP among emerging economies. This growing economy is creating a huge demand for qualified and skilled workers. For those expatriates seeking a professional position in India, there are genuine opportunities.

The guidelines for applying for a job, composing a cover letter and constructing a résumé that are appropriate worldwide are relevant in India.

Cover Letter Guidelines and Samples

A cover letter for a job search conducted in India should follow the same guidelines that apply in most parts of the world. First of all, the letter must be simple and well written. Potential employers scan cover letters to make sure the applicant knows how to write, uses a crisp and direct style, and makes points succinctly without typos, formatting or grammatical errors or other mistakes. Letters that contain errors or that look less than professional usually get discarded along with the accompanying résumé. It must include the applicant’s name, address and contact information so the employer can easily follow up.

Résumé / CV Guidelines and Samples

Résumés in India take many forms and often contain a large amount of detailed information, but jobseekers are advised to send concise documents; recruiters and human resources directors are increasingly busy, and appreciate receiving résumés that are thoughtfully crafted and to the point. As most of the major private Indian companies frequently use online job sites, it is advised to register and upload a professional résumé on key sites.

Some organizations use automated tracker systems to process the résumés. The résumé should contain keywords specific to the job being applied for, as the keywords vary according to the industry domain. Among them might be information technology, banking, insurance, manufacturing and retail. When drafting a résumé, the jobseeker must ensure that the appropriate keywords are used; this will increase the chances that the résumé will be among the top results in an employer’s search.

Some employers have specific forms or formats, so be sure to follow the employer’s instructions when crafting your résumé.

You'll find more advice and cover letter and resume samples in the complete India Guide.

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