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Excerpted from the Hong Kong Career Guide

Job Search Overview

The most effective ways to find employment in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are through the use of online resources, local newspaper classifieds, job/field-related trade magazines and recruitment agents/headhunters. Internet job search resources are by far the easiest way to find suitable jobs and the most convenient way to reach potential employers. Jobseekers can gain free access to online job websites and recruiters to search for jobs under categories of interest. They can customize searches with desired parameters such as salary and position title. In addition, jobseekers can conduct employer research and visit company websites to research organizations, browse job listings and apply online. Résumé/CV postings and job databases allow jobseekers to receive, via email, ‘Job Alerts’ that fall within chosen categories. Those looking for jobs can also attend virtual and live career/job fairs.

Online Job Sites

http://www.classifiedpost.com/ (English)
ClassifiedPost is one of the leading job search and recruiting portals in Hong Kong. Together with the printed version, published by South China Morning Post, ClassifiedPost holds more employment advertisements than any similar resource in Hong Kong. The site has recorded around 4 million Web page views per month and sends out an average of 50,000 job alert emails each week. It is one of the most popular sources of job postings for the government, public organizations and education organizations.

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Government Employment Resources

 Government Vacancies Enquiry System
http://www.csb.gov.hk/ (English)
This system, maintained by the Civil Service Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, offers online searching and access to a range of civil and non-civil service vacancies in various government agencies. Job applications via the Internet are available for selected positions. Dates and updates on the Common Recruitment Examination and Basic Law Test also are available.


http://www.internabroad.com/search/china/hong-kong (English)
The website provides an internship database of its Intern Abroad programs from various organizations, arranged by country. In addition to some of the largest directories of their kind on the Internet, GoAbroad.com provides extensive additional information within its dynamically constructed travel guides, including a currency converter and embassy directories.


Staffing Agencies and Temporary Help Firms

Gemini Personnel Limited
http://www.gemini.com.hk/ (English)
Gemini Personnel is one of Hong Kong’s leading recruitment companies handling temporary as well as permanent staffing needs. The Gemini Group, established in 1983, has several offices in Hong Kong. The Gemini Temp Center is dedicated to meeting the temporary staffing needs of Hong Kong’s multinational companies. There is a steady demand for experienced secretarial personnel, receptionists, Chinese word processors, contract information technicians and translators. Temporary, contract and part-time assignments are updated weekly.

Gemini Personnel Limited
15/F On Hing Building
1 On Hing Terrace
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3552-9139/9129
Email: gemhq@gemini.com.hk

Executive Recruiters and Search Firms

Eastwood Consultants Limited
http://www.eastwoodasia.com (English)
Eastwood Consultants Limited, founded in 2000, specializes in executive search in Hong Kong, China and neighboring counties. Its services focus on areas such as fashion, retail and apparel; industrial manufacturing; FMCG and business services; and banking and finance. Eastwood works with Fortune 500 companies and other large corporations.

Eastwood Consultants Limited
Suites 1404 & 1406, Leighton Centre
77 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2203-4021
Fax: +852 2403-6022
Email: info@eastwoodasia.com

Newspapers that Publish Job Advertisements

South China Morning Post 
http://www.scmp.com (English)
The South China Morning Post is the most popular English-language news and business information newspaper in Hong Kong. It is one of the major job advertising channels of all levels of job openings, and publishes business directories, education resources and lifestyle articles. In addition, it offers résumé/CV writing tips as well as career advice.

South China Morning Post
1 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2565-2222
Fax: +852 2811-1048
Email: info@scmp.com

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete Hong Kong Guide.

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