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Excerpted from the France Career Guide

Despite the ongoing economic crisis, companies continue to hire managers, although they prefer experienced candidates. A recent APEC (Association Pour l'Emploi des Cadres or Managers Employment Association) report shows that 83 percent of companies surveyed that are hiring this year seek candidates with 5 to 10 years of experience. This is unfortunately bad news for recent graduates.

The industries that hired the most management positions last year were consulting and engineering R&D (Research and Development).The main industries expected to hire management-level workers this year include IT, energy, aerospace and insurance banking.

Certification and Education Requirements

Business school is a prerequisite for most sales and marketing jobs, and certain companies only consider candidates from the top French business schools, especially for marketing jobs. For sales and marketing positions that specialize in technical or industrial products, companies often look for candidates who have an engineering background with an additional degree in business (generally a year at one of the leading business schools). Depending on the level of the position, companies may require a master’s degree in business administration and professional experience.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Association des Agences Conseil en Communication (AACC)
Association of Communication Agencies
http://www.aacc.fr/ (French)
The Association of Communication Agencies (AACC) is a trade association that aims to represent and defend French communication and advertising agencies. Its members specialize in corporate communications, commercial communications, advertising, health communications, and interactive and marketing services. The AACC's legal department provides members with support, assistance and analysis regarding important legal issues. Its website also provides information on training and a directory of French communications agencies.

Association des Agences-Conseils en Communication
40 Boulevard Malesherbes 
75008 Paris 
Tel: +33 1 47 42 13 42 
Fax: +33 1 42 66 59 90
Email: web contact form


Capital Magazine
http://www.capital.fr/ (French)
Capital Magazine is one of France’s leading monthly business magazines and is part of the Prisma Presse publishing group. It offers updates on the general state of the business economy. The employment pages provide more than 15,000 offers and membership is free. It also includes a list of the top corporate decision makers. Articles related to industry trends and an online personality and recruitment test are also available. A fee is required for an annual subscription.

Capital Magazine 
15, rue Galvani 
75809 Paris Cedex 17
Tel: +33 1 56 99 48 53
Email: contact@capital.fr

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete France Guide.

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