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Excerpted from the Finland Career Guide

The IT sector is of vital importance to Finland’s economy. According to the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries trade group, the industry’s companies employ 48,000 in Finland, unchanged from the previous year. The sector employed 52,000 in 2008 before the financial crisis. The industry’s companies have revenues of 7 billion EUR, up 10 percent from the previous year. The main industry activities include software and IT-related services, IT consulting, database services and content production.

Employment Outlook

While the Finnish high technology industry is one of the country’s strongest, the lasting negative effects of the recent economic recession continue to trouble Finnish productivity. According to the most recent Federation of Finnish Technology Industries Situation and Outlook, turnover of technology companies was around 68 billion EUR last year as compared to 82 billion EUR in 2008. New orders are down by 6 percent from the previous year and down by one-third compared to pre-crisis 2008. Business is predicted to remain at last year’s level throughout the current year.

Organizations and Trade Associations

CAD/CAM Rhdistys ry
CAD/CAM Association of Finland
This is an association for information professionals involved in CAD/CAM development.

CAD/CAM Rhdistys ry
33101 Tampere
Tel: 040 8692682
Fax: 02 2129 2094
Email: secretary@cadcamyhdistys.fi

Labor Unions

Tietoalan Toimihenkilöt
  (Finnish, English)
Tietoalan Toimihenkilot, the Association of Information Sector Employees, negotiates the collective labor agreement in the IT service sector and ensures compliance. The nation-wide agreement covers 40,000 employees. Tietoalan Toimihenkilöt ry is a member association of ERTO (The Federation of Special Service and Clerical Employees).

Tietoalan Toimihenkilöt ry  
Asemamiehenkatu 4, 11th Floor  
FIN-00520 Helsinki  
Tel: +358 (9) 201130200 
Fax: +358 (9) 201130201  
Email: hallitus@atk-t.fi


Digitoday Finland (DigiToday.fi) is an online publication for the digital economy with news and analyses on the developments and events in information technology, finance and media industries. The publication has employment related articles and an employment and career section that lists job openings.

Maneesikatu 1-3 
FIN-00170 Helsinki 
Tel: +358 (9) 61304400 
Fax: +358 (9) 61304401 
Email: toimitus@digitoday.fi

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete Finland Guide.

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