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Excerpted from the Finland Career Guide

Cost of Living

In global consulting firm Mercer’s annual Cost of Living survey covering 211 cities worldwide and measuring the comparative costs of more than 200 items, none of Finland’s cities appears in the top ten. Helsinki ranks 42nd globally in Mercer’s latest survey, up from 55th place.


In Finland, one can rent anything from a studio apartment to a detached house. Housing can be rented from private owners, municipal housing offices, real estate agencies, insurance companies and property management companies.


While motor vehicles are the most common means of getting around in Finland, the country offers an integrated transportation network of buses, trams, trains, metros and ferries. Buses and trains are the most popular means of inter-city transportation.

Medical Care and Health Insurance

Finland’s universal health care system is managed by Kela (the country’s social insurance institution, website available in Finnish, English and Swedish) and administered mainly by local municipalities. The Finnish health care scheme is organized into three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary health care. Each level represents the specialty of the treatment.

Work Schedules and Holidays

Employees with less than one year’s employment on March 31 earn two paid vacation days for each leave-earning month; employees with more than one year’s employment earn two and a half days. Often, collective agreements bestow longer holidays.


Residents are taxed on worldwide income, while non-residents are taxed at a rate of 35 percent on their Finnish-source income.A person is considered a tax resident if his or her principal residence is in Finland or he or she spends more than six months in Finland, either within a calendar year or across two years.

Social Security and Pension

In Finland, residents may receive a national pension, an earnings-related pension and/or a guarantee pension. Pensions are received via both earnings-related pension providers and Kela.

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete Finland Guide.

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