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Excerpted from the Argentina Career Guide


Argentina’s IT industry revenue and exports have greatly increased over the past ten years. The sector offers services and products such as consulting, support, applications implementation, business management and security programs, and video game and animated film development. Argentina’s IT labor force is characterized by highly qualified professionals and specialists with excellent English skills.

Employment Outlook

Revenue and job creation in the IT industry have increased over the past year, according to a recent study by CESSI, Argentina’s IT association. In particular, software development is an area of focus. The Argentine government has identified software as one of the priority development areas in its 2020 Industrial Strategic Plan, which aims to employ 134,000 workers by 2020. Software sales have increased by 313 percent over the past decade and 98 percent of Argentina’s software companies are locally owned. Currently they employ about 70,000 workers.

Areas of Job Promise

Sales of customized software and proprietary products and the implementation and maintenance of these products have increased over the past year. Financial services and telecom are the main customers for customized software. These trends are expected to continue this year.

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