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Excerpted from the Argentina Career Guide


Working or studying in Argentina generally requires a visa. The National Directorate of Migration (Dirección Nacional de Migraciones) issues short-term visas for tourists, business travelers and temporary workers, and long-term visas for students, employees of Argentine companies and employees of foreign companies working in Argentina.

The most commonly issued types of visas are:

  • Business Visa (Type 24 H) (e.g. for customer visits, traveling for investment purposes, taking part in business negotiations, conducting market research, participating in business fairs or exhibitions)
  • Journalist Visa (Type 24 H)
  • Professional Visa (Type 24 H) (e.g., for intra-company internal meetings, not commercially orientated; auditors; experts; training; conferences; artistic; cultural; religious; sport; scientific and technical activities)
  • Student Visa (Type 23J/24H)
  • Tourist Visa (Type 24 A)

Business Visas

The business visa is intended for the purpose of visiting customers, doing market research and/or taking part in commercial exhibitions. Nationals of countries with visa waivers (See Exemptions section) do not need visas to engage in any business functions except for paid employment.

This visa is valid for a period up to two months, and it is renewable in Argentina. Business visa holders wishing to extend their stay must go to one of the offices of the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (the National Immigration Office) before the end of the original term. The applicant has to prove his/her business activity by means of a letter from the company for which he/she works, or by providing bank references. In the case of an invitation from a person settled or living in Argentina, the applicant will need prior approval from the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (DNM). On arrival, the applicant should also be able to demonstrate he/she is genuinely seeking to enter the country for the purpose stated in his/her application.

Work Visas/Permit (23 A/23 E)

Argentina has neither restrictions nor quotas for the employment of foreigners, as long as they fulfill immigration regulations, meaning they need to have valid residence permission. Enterprises contracting foreign scientists, professionals or technicians can request an exemption of social security taxes on these employees if they are contracted for less than two years.

Student Visas

Nationals of visa-waiver countries may study in Argentina for less than 90 days without visas. A citizen of a visa waiver country who wishes to study in Argentina for more than 90 days may enter Argentina as a tourist and adjust his/her immigration status through an office of the DNM (Dirección Nacional de Migraciones), the National Immigration Office, within Argentina. The application to adjust a visitor’s immigration status must be filed within 30 days of enrollment.

  • 24 H (short-term student visa)

This visa is for formal courses or non-formal studies in officially recognized public or private educational institutions (including internships and cultural exchange programs)...

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the Argentina Guide.

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