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Excerpted from the Argentina Career Guide

Cost of Living

Argentina’s rate of inflation is extremely high – about 25 percent according to the Argentine government, but independent economists put the figure closer to 40 percent. It is widely believed that the INDEC, Argentina’s statistics agency, knowingly distorts economic data. As a result, prices in Argentina fluctuate constantly and sharply.


Rental prices in Buenos Aires are expected to increase by 25 to 30 percent this year, due to pressure from inflation. Average prices for a two-room apartment in the capital range from 4,200 ARS to 7,200 ARS, and from 6,700 ARS to 11,900 ARS for a three-room apartment.


Most people use public transportation because of road congestion and the high cost of parking in Argentina’s cities. Every city has urban bus, or colectivo, service.

Medical Care/Health Insurance

Medical care in Buenos Aires is generally good, and many hospitals have personnel who have trained abroad. Outside Buenos Aires, however, the quality of care can vary, and in some areas – particularly the north – hospitals may lack up-to-date equipment, though it is usually adequate for emergencies.

Work Schedules and Holidays

The statutory minimum leave time in Argentina depends on an employee’s length of service. For employees with less than five years of service, the minimum is 14 calendar days.


Income tax is usually withheld from an employee’s pay. The tax rate for resident taxpayers is graduated, based on the amount of taxable income.

Social Security and Pension

Foreign professionals working in Argentina for two years or less who are not permanent residents and are covered by their home countries’ social security systems are exempt from contributions to Argentina’s social security system. Individuals or their employers must request the social security exemption, which, once granted, is in effect from the registered date.

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the Argentina Guide.

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