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There is need in particular for engineers specialized in agroindustrial, high technology and energy. Read more


Engineering skills are needed throughout the entire Asia Pacific region. Read more


Austria’s industrial sector has staged an impressive turnaround as it emerges from the global recession. Read more


Belgium is experiencing a critical shortage of engineers. Read more


The 2014 soccer World Cup, the 2016 summer Olympics and other international games will generate numerous engineering, construction and architecture opportunities. Read more


Approximately 2 percent of the engineering workforce is expected to retire within coming years. Read more


Engineering firms in Santiago will face a shortfall of around 15,000 engineers over the next five years and will likely seek to outsource positions. Read more


Candidates with strong exposure to and understanding of the market in China are highly sought. Read more


Industrial production and export are recovering from the global recession and increased hiring is anticipated. Read more


Prospects for engineers in Finland are somewhat stable, even in a rocky economic environment. Read more


After several years of declining employment, the demand for engineers in France is now heating up. Read more


Germany is experiencing a major skilled labor shortage and engineers are at the top of the list of desired employees. Read more

Hong Kong

53 percent of employers in the manufacturing sector expect to increase hiring and companies are making efforts to retain key staff. Read more


The Indian government continues to be the largest employer of engineers, but there are growing opportunities in other sectors. Read more


Engineers can expect a challenge finding work in Italy, although confidence in the manufacturing sector is slowly rising. Read more


The demand for skilled professionals in electronics, telecommunications, construction and transportation will continue to increase this year. Read more


Demand for engineers is growing in the industrial/manufacturing industries in Mexico. Read more


The Netherlands has a long history of technological innovation, particularly in such engineering fields as coastal defense, hydrodynamics, optimum cultivation, biotechnology, food processing and agribusiness. Read more


After serious downsizing, companies across Europe are ramping up their engineering staff. Read more


Engineering is the best-paid career in Peru with demand growing in mining, construction and aerospace. Read more


The Russian construction industry saw strong growth of 10 percent last year, as a result of significant private and public investment. Read more


Engineering is identified as the most needed job category throughout the Asia Pacific region. Read more

South Africa

Competition for skilled mining and engineering professionals is high, and compensation keeps increasing. Read more

South Korea

For those searching for a job in the various fields of engineering, South Korea provides a wide playing field with good hiring prospects. Read more


Spain is a world leader when it comes to clean and renewable energies. Read more


A labor shortage for engineers of all disciplines is expected this year, by 2,000 positions. Read more


Although the Engineering sector was hard hit during the recent global meltdown, it is leading the economic rebound. Read more


The nation plans to invest more than 50 billion USD in the power sector over the next three years. Read more


The overall employment outlook for engineers is improving, spurred on by road and bridge construction and by the push for environmentally-friendly technologies. Read more
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