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Information Technology


Data centers are cropping up throughout Argentina and many HR departments in the country are adopting cloud computing. Read more


Australian employers are experiencing the highest demand for IT professionals above all other professions. Read more


Austria's IT industry is booming, and it's professionals received the highest salary increases in the country last year. Read more


Belgium's IT sector contributes more than 4 percent of the GDP and ranks 20th worldwide. Read more


Brazil is Latin America's largest IT market and it is growing fast. Read more


Experts have identified an emerging IT skills gap in Canada, and a shortage of ICT professionals. Read more


Chile's telecommunications industry is undergoing rapid change and modernization. Read more


Chinese IT companies are shifting away from low-cost and low-skill production toward more innovative manufacturing of low-cost but high-skill products. Read more


The Danish ICT industry specializes in acoustics, wireless and mobile technologies. Read more


While the Finnish high technology industry is one of the country’s strongest, the lasting negative effects of the recent economic recession continue to trouble Finnish productivity. Read more


Social networking in France this has created an ecosystem for IT workers. Read more


The IT industry in Germany has rebounded from the global recession and is once again driving the economy. Read more

Hong Kong

There is significant demand for technology staff in Hong Kong as companies invest in upgrading and expanding their IT infrastructure. Read more


India's Information Technology industry is the most vibrant sector of the Indian economy and offers numerous employment opportunities. Read more


After the setbacks of the global economic crisis, the ITC sector is poised to lead Ireland's recovery. Read more


Italy's information and communication technology market is the fourth-largest in Europe, with a particularly strong mobile phone market. Read more


Japan's IT device industry is declining, although its electronics parts industry has maintained a strong competitive edge. Read more


The IT industry in Mexico has grown by an average 12 percent over the past five years and is expected to continue to grow. Read more


Despite the ongoing Eurozone crisis, companies continue to recruit for IT positions in The Netherlands. Read more


Norwegians are "among the most wired people on the planet," with IT providing an edge in the world economy. Read more


The IT market in Peru is expected to be one of the highest-growth markets in the world. Read more


Russia’s IT sector is growing, and technology is penetrating into companies’ business processes. Read more


The government’s ten-year IT plan calls for Singapore to lead the world in information communications and media. Read more

South Africa

South Africa's IT market is the largest in Africa, and it is poised at a crucial point in the evolution of the Internet. Read more

South Korea

IT has become a mainstay of Korea’s export-driven economy, with growth being driven increasingly by the mobile sector. Read more


There are many IT professions where demand exceeds supply and it is one of the few bright spots in Spain's economy. Read more


Sweden's Information Technology sector generates sales of more than 11 billion USD. Read more


Switzerland is one of the leading countries in computer applications and the ICT industry accounts for five percent of Swiss GDP. Read more


Demand for skilled IT professionals in the United Kingdom is expected to grow steadily. Read more


UAE spending on IT products and services is expected to reach 3.8 billion USD this year. Read more


The unemployment rate for the IT industry remains low, as the industry was never really affected by the recession. Read more
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