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Excerpted from the Nicaragua Career Guide

As in most Latin American and Asian countries, companies in Nicaragua stress the importance of having long-term employees, usually for no less than five years and sometimes, ideally, lifelong. For more multinational companies and those with strong Anglo-Saxon or European culture, the number of years interviewees plan to stay with the company is less important.

Pre-Interview Preparation

Regardless of the experience you hold or the job requirements, employers in Nicaragua are likely to schedule an interview to confirm your qualifications. They want to know what value you can bring to the organization, your motivation and potential, your ability to communicate and work as a team player, your ability to fit into company culture, and your creativity and intelligence. In addition, it is increasingly important to be outstanding, or at the very least acceptable, in terms of language skills. A third language, in addition to Spanish and English, is an advantage.

Interview Conduct

Nicaraguans, along with the rest of Latin America, do not emphasize punctuality. A 15-minute or even longer wait can be expected. For personal marketing purposes, and specifically for interview purposes, being late is highly disqualifying, especially if the company is based in the US, Canada or Western Europe. You should arrive early and be prepared to wait.

The Interview

Most interviews last between 30 and 60 minutes, but some companies conduct a brief first interview, while at others it may last up to 90 or more minutes. Interview length usually depends on the interviewers and the degree of attention the candidate attracts. Human resource representatives, for example, often take less time conducting an interview than unit heads, managers, presidents and CEOs. This is not a general rule, however, and the first interview can be conducted by a human resource representative or by the company owner.

This is just a sample of what you'll find in the complete Nicaragua guide.

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