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Excerpted from the Guatemala Career Guide

Job Search Overview

A large number of both formal and informal means to seek and identify job opportunities are available in Guatemala. Career talent fairs are a popular way to find a job and online tools are increasingly common as well. In spite of relatively low but growing Internet-penetration levels (10.15 per cent of the country’s population), websites are an increasingly powerful way to access employment information in the country. Two websites, CompuTrabajo and Search–Tecoloco, publish the largest number of job ads available in the country. Other major sites, including INCAE Business School's page, are internal Intranet sites that post many positions before newspapers and job pools but not in an exclusive manner. Especially on Sunday and Monday, most local daily and weekly newspapers publish many good quality job opportunities, with Prensa Libre outstanding among these.

Online Job Sites

Tecoloco.com Guatemala
http://www.tecoloco.com.gt/ (Spanish)
This site allows job searches based on category (operating field), position and/or industry. Tecoloco offers more than 700 openings on any given day in Guatemala. Registration is free, and is required to apply, which involves completing a short form with personal and contact data, and then creating an online résumé following the site’s format. Some companies link directly from Tecoloco to their websites. Job openings for all of Central America, Colombia, Mexico and the United States can be accessed from this website. This is one of the most popular sites in Guatemala to conduct online job searches.


Government Employment Resources

Bolsa Electrónica de Empleo (Electronic Employment Agency)
Ministerio de Trabajo de Guatemala (Ministry of Labor of Guatemala) 
Individuals interested in accessing this service must register with the Dirección General de Empleo. To do so, the applicant must submit his or her résumé (both original and photocopy), an ID card, passport (or a legal document showing age), an occupational interview form, recommendation letters and diplomas. To apply for positions involving handling of foodstuffs, the applicant must submit a health card. Those applying for driving jobs must submit a valid driver’s license. Once registered, job opportunities are selected through an electronic labor exchange based on the candidate’s education, age, gender and work experience. Depending on the results, a letter is handed to the candidate that includes job name, company address and the liaison person/interviewer’s name. All services are free.

Dirección General de Empleo
Primer nivel del edificio del Ministerio de Trabajo y Previsión Social
7ª Avenida 3-33 zona 9
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Tel: +502-2422-2500

Internship Programs

Casa Xelajú – Pasantías
Casa Xelajú – Internships
http://www.casaxelaju.com/cex/INTERSHIP/ (English) 
Casa Xelajú offers dozens of internship opportunities lasting from several weeks to several months, mostly in communities and for small- and medium-sized companies in various locations in Guatemala. This website provides, among other things, job requirements, costs and application process information. Most projects require an investment in a number of items from registration to monthly food and lodging fees.

Casa Xelajú 
Callejón 15, Diagonal 13-02, Zona 1
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Tel: +502-7761-5954/+502-7761-5955
Email: info@cx.edu.gt

Staffing Agencies and Temporary Help Firms

AC Talentos Guatemala
http://www.actalentos.com/ (Spanish)
AC Talentos has been operating in Guatemala since 2000. It provides recruiting support for operations, management and supervisory positions in the short, medium and long term. It also provides jobs for more than 35,000 people in Latin America on a daily basis, and meets the staffing needs of 4,500 client companies. On a worldwide basis, AC Talentos provides work for more than 650,000 people in nearly 130,000 companies on a daily basis.

AC Talentos Guatemala 
Avenida Reforma 13-70, Zona 9 
Edificio Real Reforma, Oficinas 6 y 7  
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala 
Tel: +502-2312-3131
Email: dleon@actalentos.com

Executive Recruiters and Search firms

Latin Top Jobs Guatemala
http://www.latintopjobs.com/es/guatemala.php (English and Spanish) 
Latin Top Jobs has more than 20 years’ experience in Central America and is among the top choices for staff selection and evaluation in Central America and Guatemala. A major goal of Latin Top Jobs Guatemala is bringing together top candidates and top companies for the right position. To do so, it relies on candidates’ training and experience, as well as results from intelligence, skill and personality tests to understand candidates’ profiles and abilities. Latin Top Jobs provides a number of free services, including a regional talent database and advice to improve résumés, as well as negotiation services for compensation packages. Other services are provided for a fee, including the Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment (BTSA) or the Brain Predominance Test.

Latin Top Jobs  
2a. Avenida 12-60 Zona 14 tercer nivel
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala  
Tel.: +502-2333-6332/502-2333-6333/502-5000-5486/502-5035-5746 
Email: guatemala@latintopjobs.com

Newspapers that Publish Job Advertisements

Prensa Libre
http://www.prensalibre.com.gt (Spanish)
This major newspaper has nationwide coverage. Job opportunities are published in the ‘Classifieds’ (http://clasificadospl.com/) section, under its ‘900’ heading, as full-format ads. It includes openings for a wide variety of positions. On any given Monday, more than 50 job opportunities are published in short summary format. On other weekdays the number of job opportunities published is about ten. In addition, Prensa Libre publishes labor articles covering subjects from retaining talent to labor legislation. Its central pages include large ads from business firms. Positions advertised require Spanish, with English as a second language on occasion.

Prensa Libre  
13 calle 9-31, zona 1
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Tel: +502-2412-5000
Fax: +502-2220-5100 
Email: clasificadospl@prensalibre.com.gt

This is just a sample of what you'll find in the complete Guatemala guide.

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