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Excerpted from the Costa Rica Career Guide

Online Job Sites

http://www.elempleo.co.cr (Spanish)
On a typical day, this website offers more than 1,000 job opportunities for all industry sectors and levels in Costa Rica, and is among the most relevant job-search sources, both online and off. Registration is required to access elempleo.com. This involves, among other requirements, posting résumés (at no cost for users). In addition to advertising openings, elempleo.com features Bases Empresariales, a customized service to advertise openings and solicit résumés from potential employees, even if no openings currently exist. Jobs can be searched by industry, geographical location, company name or code (as mentioned above, the code is published at La Nación newspaper). The site also provides recommendations, surveys and other useful job-hunting tools in Costa Rica.


Government Employment Resources

Dirección Nacional de Empleo Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social
National Labor Office, Ministry of Labor and Social Security

http://www.mtss.go.cr/ (Spanish)
This unit of the Costa Rican Labor Ministry serves the entire country, with services ranging from temporary unemployment and under-employment support in community projects to orientation for migrant workers. Contact data and names of those responsible for each service can be accessed online, but you must visit or call the office for additional information.

Dirección Nacional de Empleo Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social
Barrio Tournón
San José, Costa Rica
Post Office Box 10133-1000
San José, Costa Rica
Tel: +506-2542-0000 or +506-800-TRABAJO

Internship Programs

Dream Careers Global Internships Programs Costa Rica
http://www.goabroad.com/providers/dream-careers/programs/costa-rica-internships-44157 (English)
This Costa Rica Internship Program offers hundreds of exclusive internships. Dream Careers offers a step-by-step placement process that helps perfect a résumé, hone interviewing skills and identify internship opportunities. This organization has more than 12 years of experience and has found internships for more than 10,000 participants.

Dream Careers Global Internships Programs
Tel: + 1-800-251-2933

Executive Recruiters and Search Firms

Beway Business Advisors
http://www.bewayco.com (Spanish)
Beway specializes in productivity solutions through staff management, including local and international executive recruitment. Its website accepts contact data and résumés, which are continuously considered for Beway’s clients.

Beway Business Advisors
Oficentro Conhotel, Sabana Norte
San José, Costa Rica
Tel: +506-2296-4300
Fax: +506-2296-4301
Email: info@bewayco.com

Newspapers that Publish Job Advertisements

La Nación (The Nation)
http://www.nacion.com/ (Spanish)
La Nación is the major newspaper in Costa Rica. In the printed version, several dozen ads are published, especially on Mondays, but also on Sundays, with a smaller number the rest of the week. On Sunday and Monday, the printed version also includes articles on labor topics, from legislation to salaries. The online version provides two different tools: http://www.buscomi.cr/ (In Search of my …) under the Trabajo (work) section, and http://www.elempleo.com/ (The Job). The first one presents job offers in a short format, while the format in the latter is expanded. Most ads in both versions (printed and online) assume candidates speak Spanish; some positions also require English or Portuguese. Knowledge of another language, such as Mandarin Chinese, German, French or Japanese, could provide a candidate with a competitive edge.

La Nación
Llorente de Tibás, 400 metros al este del cruce
San José, Costa Rica

La Nación
Post Office Box 10138-1000
San José, Costa Rica

Tel: +506-2247-4747
Tel: +506-2247-4343
Email: info@nacion.com

This is just a sample of what you'll find in the complete Costa Rica guide.

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