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Excerpted from the South Africa Career Guide

Pre-Interview Preparation

You must research the company, its products or services, and its main clients. South African recruiters will expect you to arrive for an interview well informed about the company. The interviewer may ask you what you know about the company, why you would want to work there, or if you have ideas or novel methods of finding solutions to company problems. Thoroughly researching the company also may help you determine whether you are a good fit.

Interview Conduct

South African interviews are much like those in the United Kingdom, in that recruiters in these two countries expect similar conduct from interviewees and ask similar questions.

First impressions at a South African job interview are based on punctuality and appearance. You should arrive ten to 15 minutes early, and it is a good idea to confirm the venue and directions at least one day before the interview.

The Interview

Your interview may consist of a one-on-one session with an individual, or it may entail a panel interview. You should conduct some research in advance into the different methods, styles and questions you are likely to encounter during the session. Check the Internet, recruitment companies, job search sites, university websites, human resource sites and books, and newspaper or journal articles — these are good sources for this information.

Your attitude and demeanor are as important as your responses to interview questions. Listen to the questions and answer with confidence and clarity, remembering to maintain eye contact with the interviewer (or interviewers if it is a panel interview). Be brief but thorough, and stay focused. Avoid appearing arrogant. It is important to smile and show suitable enthusiasm.

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete South Africa Guide.

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