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Excerpted from the Singapore Career Guide

Business associations provide the opportunity to meet people outside an industry. There are many different business associations in Singapore that act as a platform for people to network with others in different industries, form partnerships across disciplines, attend seminars and training sessions, and learn about new trends. Membership in these associations is usually open to individuals, companies, businesses and organizations. Most business associations generally charge membership fees.

Business Organizations

Singapore Business and Professional Women’s Association (SBPWA)
http://www.sbpwa.org.sg (English)
The Singapore Business and Professional Women’s Association promotes the interests of business and professional women in Singapore. It serves as a platform for members to exchange ideas and to network both locally and internationally. SBPWA is affiliated with the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (IFBPW).

SBPWA Secretariat 
Tanglin Post Office Box 218 
Singapore 912408 
Tel: +65 6220 6867 
Fax: +65 6220 6867 
Email contact form

Industry Organizations and Councils

Singapore Business Federation (SBF)
http://www.sbf.org.sg (English, Mandarin)
The Singapore Business Federation champions the interests of the Singapore business community in trade, investment and industrial relations. It represents more than 18,000 companies, as well as the local and foreign business chambers and key national and industry associations from business sectors that contribute significantly to the Singaporean economy. SBF acts as the bridge between the government and businesses in Singapore to create and enhance a pro-business environment. It also represents the business community in bilateral, regional and multilateral ventures for the purpose of promoting trade expansion and business networking.

Tel: +65 6827 6828
Fax: +65 6827 6807

Networking Groups

British Association
http://www.britishassociation.org.sg (English)
The British Association has a membership of more than 28 different nationalities and welcomes all newcomers, offering enjoyment and involvement with the British community through a host of activities. Donating time and raising money for local Singapore charities is at the core of the British Association, and there are a number of volunteer opportunities. These include working directly with charities, planning fundraisers, assisting with social activities and serving on the editorial and website teams. Levels of commitment vary from one hour per week upwards, and many can work around school holidays.

British Association
Tanglin Shopping Centre
19 Tanglin Road #03-61
Singapore 247909
Tel: +65 6339 8229
Fax: +65 6339 1167
Email: info@britishassociation.org.sg

Chambers of Commerce

Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC)
http://www.sicc.com.sg (English)
The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce is the oldest commercial organization in Asia. It includes members from more than 30 countries. The SICC is an excellent source of information on specific industries, markets and employment trends in Singapore. Virtually all of Singapore’s Government Linked Companies (GLCs) are members of the chamber; they include the Development Bank of Singapore, Keppel Corporation, PSA Corporation, Singapore Telecom, Singapore Technologies, Singapore Airlines and Temasek Holdings. Several of Singapore’s best-known family firms, as well as a wide cross-section of smaller companies, are also members of the chamber. The chamber provides a respected and effective voice for the business community in Singapore. It constantly monitors and, where appropriate, makes statements on issues of concern to its members.

Singapore International Chamber of Commerce
6 Raffles Quay #10-01 
Singapore 048580
Tel: +65 6500 0988
Fax: +65 6224 2785
Email: contact form

Major Trade Publications

Straits Times and Sunday Times
http://www.straitstimes.com/ (English)
The Straits Times is the nation’s widest-read daily newspaper. Its ‘Jobs’ section is located at www.stjobs.sg and provides a very important resource for jobseekers. There are more than 18,000 jobs posted in the database. Subscribers have access to the print edition, the digital edition (with classifieds) and premium content.

Tel: +65 6319 6319
Fax: +65 6319 8282
Email: circs@sph.com.sg

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete Singapore Guide.

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