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Excerpted from the Germany Career Guide

Economic and Employment Outlook

Germany has largest population of any European Union (EU) country and traditionally has enjoyed one of the most-robust economies in Europe. Germany's economy is the fifth-largest in the world and the largest in Europe. It also ranks third in the world for exports. Generally speaking, Germany's success can be attributed to its strong manufacturing sector.

Germany boasts 32 global Fortune 500 companies with revenues ranging from 22 billion to 222 billion USD. The top five are Volkswagen, E.ON, Daimler, Allianz and Siemens. Additionally, there are more than 55,000 foreign-owned companies operating in Germany.

Areas of Job Promise

IT: Businesses are now looking to IT departments as the main drivers of innovation, creating a demand for IT specialists. The development of mobile and cloud technologies has led to increased demand for digital sales and marketing professionals.

Health Care Professionals: Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, and other health care professionals are in high demand in Germany. According to nursing manager Joachim Erhardt at Klinikverbund Südwest hospital group, Germany's health care sector will need 800,000 additional skilled workers by 2020.

Salaries and Wages

Salary levels are forecast to remain stable this year, although certain IT and digital marketing occupations might see salary increases as companies continue to invest in these departments.

While Germany has no federal minimum wage, certain industries and states have agreed on a minimum wage. Currently, there is political discussion concerning implementing a national minimum wage, with the upper chamber of parliament, the Bundesrat, having proposed a minimum wage of 8.50 EUR/hour.

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