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Excerpted from the France Career Guide

Engineering has traditionally been a highly prestigious career track in France, with selective engineering schools attracting many of the strongest students.

After several years of declining employment, the demand for engineers in France has been heating up. The aerospace, aeronautics and energy sectors are expected to continue hiring this year. Within the energy sector, nuclear, petrol and gas companies are expected to do the most hiring.

Areas of Job Promise

Many industry sectors are hungry for candidates with engineering skills and experience.

Energy Industries:  The government is investing 10 billion EUR to construct new turbines, with 600 to be built over the next several years, creating a new market.

Aeronautics: Airbus had a record-breaking number of orders last year and thus expects to create 9,000 new jobs across Europe, including 2,000 new positions in France.

Other industries: Spie, an environmental engineering firm; Assystem, an engineering services consulting company; and the SNCF, the national rail company, all intend to hire engineers this year. Assystem intends to hire 1,600 engineers in management positions. Spie expects to hire about 1,250 CDI annually over the nest several years, 25 percent of whom will be engineers. The SNCF expects to hire 1000 engineers this year.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Conseil National des Ingénieurs et des Scientifiques de France (CNISF)
National Council of Engineers and Scientists of France

http://www.cnisf.org (French)
The website of CNISF, the National Council of Engineers and Scientists of France (Conseil National des Ingénieurs et des Scientifiques de France), is probably the best online resource for engineers. Numerous trade associations are listed, as are alumni associations of French engineering schools. The website also includes a list of associations of scientists and a directory of engineers in France.

7 rue Lammenais
75008 Paris
Tel: +33 1 44 13 66 88
Fax: + 33 1 42 89 82 50
Email: web contact form


L’Usine Nouvelle
http://www.usinenouvelle.com/ (French)
L’Usine Nouvelle is often considered the leading publication for engineers. It is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of engineering, general business news and surveys of leading companies in their respective areas. It also has listings for engineering job openings. A fee is required for an annual subscription and entitles the subscriber to access further services online.

L’Usine Nouvelle
Antony Parc 2
10, place du Général de Gaulle
92 160 Antony
Tel: +33 1 77 92 92 92
Email: web contact form

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete France Guide.

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