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Excerpted from the Finland Career Guide

Finland’s mechanical engineering companies employ approximately 127,000 people. This is down from a high employment figure of around 152,000 in pre-crisis 2008. In addition to cellular phones, Finland also produces well-known heart rate monitors, weather monitoring systems, and several other measuring and steering systems. The metals industry has a long history in manufacturing, but the industry is developing its production toward refined specialty products.

Employment Outlook

The economic situation for Finland’s mechanical engineering sector (vehicles, machinery and metal products) is holding steady even in a rocky economic environment. According to the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, turnover last year for Finland’s mechanical engineering companies grew by 15 percent to 28 billion EUR. Most of the increase was due to orders for new ships, as other industries saw business relatively unchanged. The industry workforce increased by 2,500 people over the past year to 127,000. Revenue and employment outlook is expected to continue at present levels through the year.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK)
TEK is involved in professional, educational and social matters related to work, employment and the careers of its members at regional, national and international levels. TEK also promotes technology for the benefit of people, the environment and society. Members have masters of science in technology degrees or are other professionals working in the field of technology. In addition, 24,000 technology or natural sciences students are TEK members.

Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland
Ratavartijankatu 2
00520 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: + 358 9 229 121
Fax: + 358 9 2291 2911

Labor Unions

Finnish Electrical Workers´ Union
  (Finnish, English, Swedish)
This is a workers union for the electrical and electronics industry.

PO Box 747, 33101 Tampere, Finland
Tel: (03) 252 0111
Fax: (03) 2520 210


(Finnish, English)
Insinööri (Engineer) is a magazine published by the Finnish Union of Engineers. Reaching a monthly circulation of approximately 50,000, it informs its readers about the union’s activities and deals with topics related to work life.

Ratavartijankatu 2 A  
FIN-00520 Helsinki 
Tel: +358 (9) 201801801  
Fax: +358 (9) 201801880

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete Finland Guide.

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