Each country guide includes forecasts for sectors that are specific to that country.  For example, this section covers the agribusiness sector in Spain, including hiring trends and areas of job promise.

Below is a brief excerpt from this section:

Employment Outlook

The two main historical agricultural regions, Andalusia and Extremadura, have not been registering many new job opportunities.  However, the following Spanish regions have a growing demand for agro-business workers: La Rioja, Aragón, Catalonia and the Valencian community.   

Areas of Job Promise

Due to growing foreign demand for Spanish agricultural products, the agri-food sector is expected to continue creating new job opportunities, especially for qualified agricultural workers, wine production workers, technicians in agricultural machinery, phytosanitary technicians, and qualified workers for processed foods, juices and frozen vegetables.

This is just a brief sample of the extensive information in the GoinGlobal Spain Career Guide, which is carefully researched and regularly updated by career experts.

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