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Singaporean Employees Less Engaged Than Global Counterparts

by Yamini Chinnuswamy

Singaporeans are less invested in the companies they work for than their peers in Asia and internationally.

A new study has found that Singaporeans are not as satisfied with the companies they work for, compared to their peers around the world.

Mercer’s Singapore Employee Engagement Index report found that only 73% of Singaporeans are satisfied with their employers – less than the global average of 82%.

Singaporeans are also less likely to advocate for their employers, with only 68% willing to vouch for them as good companies to work for, compared to 76% in the Asia Pacific region overall.

Singapore was ranked in the bottom three in terms of overall employee engagement (73%), along with South Korea and Japan (73% and 72% respectively), while Thailand came out tops (85%) along with Vietnam and Indonesia (83% and 81% respectively).

Overall, the study found that the employee engagement in Singapore appears to be on a downward trajectory over the last few years, contradicting the upward trend seeing globally. This was attributed to reduced feelings of pride and satisfaction that employees  have towards their employers – which are, in turn, linked to innovation and development.

For instance, almost a third said that the companies they work for were not demonstrating continuous innovation, while a fifth indicated that they were not receiving enough performance feedback from their immediate bosses.

The study surveyed more than 42,000 employees in Singapore across multiple industries.

“Improving employee engagement continues to represent a significant opportunity — not just for businesses but also for the economy as a whole, this is widely acknowledged,” said Kulshaan Singh, CEO of Mercer in Singapore.

“As then Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam noted in his 2014 budget speech, ‘Raising productivity is at the center of our economic agenda’. The decline is primarily due to the lower feelings of pride in and satisfaction with organisations and our analysis shows that such views are largely driven by the employees’ concerns about innovation and career development,” he added.


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